Chapter 3 - The LivestreamMature

After Nathan had left, Alex played a little of Minecraft and went to sleep afterwards. Morning came and he was woken up by his sister. His sister pulled the blanket off of him and yelled, "GET UP! IT'S TIME FOR SCHOOL!"
Alex groaned and answered, "5 more minutes" putting his hand up in the air. His sister left him for a good 2 minutes and then came back with a bucket of cold water. She threw it at the sleeping boy and left. His sister yelled, "Oh and clean up when you're done!" Alex face palmed and changed for school.
He put away the bucket and left. Alex looked around the neighborhood for any signs of Nathan but no luck. So the fluffy haired boy walked to school like any other day.
After a little while, Nathan left his home and saw Alex.
"Alex!!!" screamed Nathan. The British one turned around and saw his newbie friend. A smile appeared on his face and he walked toward him.

“FOR SPARTA!” The taller boy yelled the famous battle cry as he picked up Alex in a hug.
“FUS RO DAH?” he yelled back, trying to get his feet back onto land. Nathan put him back down.
“Didn’t think you were taller,” said Alex, “But I suppose that it’d be kind of weird to be less than 5’5”. Shall we walk together?” The black-haired boy nodded and they walked in silence. He couldn’t help but stare at the shorter boy’s brown hair. It looked so soft and…. Fluffy. He had a sudden urge to touch it. He gave in to this impulse and reached out awkwardly, ruffling Alex’s hair. Which earned him an awkward bite on the hand and a slightly reproachful stare.
“Don’t touch my hair,” he growled. Nathan held both his hands in surrender.
“Sorry. It just looked so fluffy, I couldn’t help it,” he laughed. Alex took out a pen and poked him the rest of the way to school.

When they reached school, the two boys went their ways and Nathan went to the office. The secretary smiled at him and gave the boy his schedule. For school, he had math for first period, second period was English, homeroom for third, lunch, P.E. for forth, history for fifth, and then science. Later on, they had lunch. Nathan met up with his fluffy haired friend and just had a normal conversation.
"So how was your day?" asked Alex.
Nathan replied, "Fine. I met a few nice people."
"Met any cute girls?" laughed the brown haired boy. The black haired looked around the room looking anxious. He found a pretty brown haired girl and pointed at her.
"That girl from my math class," lied the Noob.
Alex looked the way he pointed and stated "That's my fake girlfriend, bro."
"Fake?" repeated Nathan. "Yes, ever heard of Ritsmiify or Ritsmi? That's her right there. Yup, she doesn't look like one but she is a hardcore gamer. We just told the gaming community that we're dating to gain popularity," said Alex.

“That’s a bit of a dirty thing to do isn’t it?” Nathan said, suddenly jealous. Why he was jealous, he didn’t know, but he was.
“I suppose. Our plan is that if we pretend to date, our subs will, like, double. Her subs will come to mine, mine will go to hers. Then we’ll slowly ease out of it, so they won’t hate us,” Alex explained.
“Oh,” he muttered. His unexplained jealousy had not gone down one bit and it was starting to be a bit annoying. “That’s all, right?”
“Indeed. Oh yea, I saw something online and I thought it’d be an interesting welcoming gift,” the shorter boy was pulling out a chain from his pocket. On the end of the chain was an enderman charm.
“EPIC. GASP. NESS.” Nathan took it and started to run around like crazy. By the time he ran back to Alex, he was spouting out nonsense and gibberish.
“Thank you so much. I love endermen!” he was rolling around on the floor and the other students in the lunchroom were staring at him. His friend was laughing uncontrollably and clutching his abdomen.
“You’re welcome. Now let’s get out of here before the lunch lady kicks us out,” he suggested. He tossed the remainder of his lunch into the trash and practically dragged Nathan across the floor to get to the quad. When they were outside, Alex looked around for his friends. He saw a girl in a tree and promptly walked over to her, dragging the taller boy with him. His other friends were on and around a bench next to her, giving opinions about the Hunger Games.

Alex waved at the girl with his free hand and greeted, "Sup Kylar." Kylar waved at him and leaned on her right to see Nathan being dragged by Alex still.
"Who's your friend?” the black haired girl questioned. The fluffy haired teen answered "A very good friend." Nathan , on the other hand, paid no attention to the conversation.
Kylar took out her ITouch and asked, "What's his Youtube? I'll add him as a friend, subscribe, and tweet about him." Alex scratched his head and replied, "Hehe. That's the thing... He doesn't have a Youtube that I know of..."
Kylar stared at Alex and Nathan and repeated, "He doesn't have a Youtube?" She put away her ITouch and the brown haired boy smacked Nathan a few times.
The enderman obsessed boy rubbed his head and yelled, "WHAT?! Oh who's this girl?" Alex face palmed and answered, "Weren't you listening? This is Kylar, she's famous for reviewing people's channels and such. She can and will make you famous in a second but if you make her angry or even make her dislike you your subs will drop to the 20s."

“Or maybe even to zero.” She nonchalantly leapt down from the tree and Alex winced, noting that she was at least 10 feet up. She adjusted the two charm bracelets on her left wrist and then held out several cherry plums from the tree she was in.
“Want some?” she offered. Alex shook his head politely and Nathan mimicked him. She gave them to the group on the bench.
“Oh yea, here’s the picture from Gabby that you wanted. She says hi,” she pulled a picture out of her bag and handed it to him. He scanned it while Nathan tried to catch a look.
“That’s pretty good,” the taller boy commented.
“Oh yea, speaking of drawings, Kylar also draws quite a bit. She’d be a pro if she didn’t meet us,” Alex said. Nathan raised an eye.
“Really?” Ky shrugged and pulled out a sketchbook, handing it to him. The newblet opened it, revealing pages after pages of black and white manga drawings. He seemed to be slightly awed by her skill.
The bell rang just then. The short black-haired girl looked a bit disappointed. So did Nathan.
“Well, see you tomorrow, I suppose,” Alex said. His newcomer friend handed the sketchbook back to Kylar, they said more farewells and went to class.

Class has ended and it's time for everyone to go home.
Nathan ran over to Alex and asked, "Wanna come over to my house today?”
Alex entered a state where he had think for a while and nodded, "Sure but I have to do a livestream today and if you don't mind I'm going to invite over Veronica, my fake girlfriend." Nathan twitched a little but it was unnoticeable to the fluffy haired boy.
The black haired boy anxiously answered, "Sure!" After that little conversation, they both walked to Nathan's house. They entered and then Alex took out his laptop and started setting up. Nathan stared at Alex as if his best friend was teaching him the ways of livestreaming. Once Alex was done, he pulled out his cell phone and called Veronica. Within 10 minutes, Veronica came over. Alex invited her inside and hugged her.
He greeted, "Hey Vero." Nathan glared and watch the "couple" converse. What is this feeling inside of me that makes me want to stab that girl? thought Nathan.
The chocolate brown hair girl asked, "You got Kylar's message right? It's going to make our subs skyrocket. Especially with her tweeting." 

Alex took out his phone and scrolled through his messages and replied, "Yup. It's going to be worth it. Come on livestream's about to start. Hope you're a good actor." Vero nodded and waited near the door. Demolitionboy turned on his livestreaming program to see about 4,000 people waiting and watching. The black haired boy checked the chat and it exploded with "Hey Alex". The livestream's screen was black but you can hear his voice.
Alex started "Hey guys DemolitionBoy69 here. This livestream is going to a little different this time." And then he turned on his webcam. "You little bastards finally get to see my face." Demo added on. The fluffy haired boy checked the chat and it have seem that it has exploded.
"Alexxxxxxxxx. What are you doing?" whined Veronica. Alex looked up to see Veronica walking towards him. Then she sat in his lap. She wrapped her arms around Alex's neck and looked at the webcam. The chat continued on with more spam such as "OMG IS THAT RITSMIIFY?" or "HOLY SHIET THEY ARE TOGETHER"
"Oh and heres to all those fuckers who thought we were lying," announced Alex. Nathan glared at the two. He had a giant urge to push Veronica off and tell all of their viewers it's a lie. Nathan couldn't take it anymore, so he ran over to them and pushed Veronica off. Luckily his face was cut off and the livestream stopped while Veronica fell.

“What the FUCK was that for?!” Alex yelled at him. He picked Veronica up and stood her up properly.
Nathan flinched, his cheeks burning and jealousy rising even more. He kept silent, unable to explain his action or feelings. He buried his face in his hands, only to realize that his eyes were watering. A second later, the tears were streaming down his face.
“Could you leave me for a bit? I’m sorry. I just can’t think straight right now,” he muttered, voice shaking, almost shattering. At that, all Alex could do was stand there awkwardly, all anger gone.
“What’s up with you right now?” he asked, softly and gently as possible. Veronica stood behind him, unsure of whether or not to put input into their conversation.
The black-haired boy shook his head.
“Please, just leave me for a little bit. Just go.” When the two had exited his room he immediately let go of his distress and started crying uncontrollably. He collapsed onto his bed, shaking.
A moment later, his mother peered in, saying, “Hun, your friends just left… Nathan?” She stepped in and walked over, shocked. She sat on the edge of his bed.
“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” she asked.
“My feelings,” he blurted out, wanting to block the world out.
It startled his mother, but she recovered quickly and thought fast. “Well, why don’t we get this sorted out later? Come on, your father and I arranged for a dinner out.”

The End

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