Chapter 2 - Time to MoveMature

As his character died, Nathan could not help but wonder why he had left so abruptly. He logged off a moment later. Was it because of him? Was it because he was feeding the other team? He shut down his computer and looked at the half-full box in his room disdainfully. When he’d first became friends with Alex, he was actually looking forward to moving. He suddenly lost that anticipation.
He decided to continue packing. Looking around the room, he looked for his most prized valuables. He threw in his creeper plush and diamond block replica. The rest of his house was already bare and they had to be out in a week. He had packed a lot of his stuff after he met Alex over Minecraft, but he stopped because he wanted to play with him so much. Now that he wasn’t, he had to tear through every part of his room to look for things to take. He glanced at his desk and grabbed his good pencils and sketchbook. He set those carefully inside the box.
Nathan looked around his room for several hours, pulling out countless sketchbooks filled with drawings and innumerable boxes of pencils.
From under his bed, he pulled out a chain. He had no use for it, but he tossed it inside the box for future reference. He raided the kitchen, but remembered that they were moving and it was empty. He went out, ate a couple tacos and then went back to packing up. He fell asleep on his floor, exhausted.

Alex got off the computer and went off to go out and eat with his family. After dinner, the boy turned on his IPhone and saw a picture of a creeper plush, an enderman keychain, and a Minecraft shirt on for sale.
He turned to his mother and started, "Mummy can I-" but was interrupted by his mother with an angry "No."
Alex answered "Oh, fine! I was going to ask you if I can go to school 24/7 Jesus Christ ಠ_ಠ. Guess I won't then." His mother opened her mouth to reply but face palmed instead.

Nathan laid face down on his floor. His computer was packed. His bed was packed. He was bored. It was the day they officially move into the new house.
“Nathan!” his mother’s voice rang through his bedroom door, “Come on, we only need to move your stuff now. Just bring whatever boxes you have left in there.” Reluctantly, he stood up and dragged the two boxes he had filled up. He didn’t have much to bring.
When they’d arrived at the new two story house, the first thing that he wanted to do was set up his computer and tell Alex that he was done moving. He asked his mother which room was his and immediately ran up the stairs without even checking the rest of the house. He threw his backpack down, ran back down the stairs and dragged the box containing his computer upstairs. His desk was assembled and ready. It took him not even ten minutes to set everything up, he was so excited.
He immediately logged into Skype only to find that Alex wasn’t online. His spirits fell. He slammed his head down onto his keyboard when someone messaged him.
Alex! He was in invisible mode. He called.
“Hi! I’ve finished moving. I start school tomorrow,” Nathan told him.

Alex cleared his throat and declared, "I think it's about time I showed you my face then if your going to be hanging out with me in real life." He turned on his camera and started adjusting it.
He added, "Consider yourself lucky that I'm showing you my face to a person I have only met on the internet."
He looked around the room and said, "Mmm yeah. This is my room and over in that corner is my hamster... being an astronaut." His hamster was climbing around his cage and then jumped onto the top of its water bottle thing and started hanging off the roof of the cage.
"The fuck is it doing?" he asked. He tried to touch his hamster but the little critter bit him.
"OW! You little shit!" shrieked the fluffy haired boy.

Nathan laughed. “So I suppose I’ll put on my camera as well.” He turned it on, feeling slightly self-conscious. He shoved his black bangs out of his eyes and grinned at Alex.
“Well, my room’s completely empty since I just got here. My cat’s somewhere downstairs. So I’m just going to grab my other box and start unpacking.” He ran downstairs and pulled his other box of stuff as quickly as he could. When he came back, Alex was having a bit of a war with his hamster, attacking with one of his outlining pens. He laughed again and Alex smiled.
“That’s an interesting sight to come back to. What pen is that? Copic Multiliner or Pigma Micron?” he asked. His hamster-battling friend looked slightly surprised.
“Pigma Micron 0.3 mm.” Nathan dug around in his box for a few moments and pulled out a pack of new Copic Multiliners SP.
“I prefer Copics. I only have two left from my other pack so I got this for my birthday. Wanna see some of my drawings?” he asked.
“Sure,” Alex replied. After a few minutes, the two of them were immersed in talking about different pens and paper and showing off their best creations and drawings. Nathan didn’t even start unpacking and only had the time and energy left to set up his bed at the end of the day to sleep.

The End

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