Alex. He is a major gamer in the gaming world. He secludes himself to only his video games and only comes out to eat and for school. He still gets attention from certain people. One day, he meets a boy on MW3. Ironically, this boy was not a trash-talker like all the other low-lives. And he is going to live near Alex very soon. His name was Nathan. He never really played much and was recently introduced to this gaming world.


The messy-haired boy repeatedly slammed the controls of his Xbox controller. He shook his brown hair out of his bluish gray eyes.

He yelled into his mic, “Kill that frigging camper! He might lay eggs!”

Another boy on the other side of the map shouted back, “I’m trying to, just give me some time!”

“Just shoot the damn guy! You don’t have think for that!” Alex cried in frustration. The other boy was pressured and accidentally threw a grenade instead. It caught the wrong person.

“Go fuck yourself, mother trucker!” The grey-eyed boy’s character blew up and died. The noob retaliated with, “Shut up!”

Alex said,” Oh, you wanna go now? You wanna GO? Come at me, bro!” The noob attempted to throw another grenade, but this time, he dodged it.

“Stupid noob, you suck ass!”

After several minutes of bickering, someone finally turned on their mic and yelled “Just shut up! You two sound like ten-year-olds!”

After hearing what the mysterious stranger said, Alex went on a rampage and pretty much killed everyone on the server. Then he left.

Nathan, the person who accidentally threw the grenade, said, “Who the hell was that? How’d we all die?”

Some other random stranger said, “Oh, that’s just demolitionboy69. Whenever he gets pissed, he kills everything. He’s pretty popular around the forums.”

“Demolitionboy69? No way that can be him, he gets mad way too easily,” he said.

The stranger replied, “Whatever. Research if you want, noob.”

Alex stared at his hamster, trying to let the cuteness disperse his anger. It growled at him.

“The fuck? Hamsters can growl?? Who the hell been dealing crack to my hamster?? Aw screw it, I don’t really want to look at this anyways.” He walked away from his hamster cage and went on the computer to play Minecraft. When Alex entered the Minecraft server, he noticed that one of the usernames was the same as the one who had thrown a grenade at him.

He typed in the chat, “Why do you have to be here? You already ruined MW3 for me!” On the other line, Nathan frowned. He replied, “Hey, this is everyone’s game, you demolition boy imposter.” A good number of people lol’d at him.

Even Alex himself snickered. “Pffft. I AM HIM.” 

In his current position, Nathan gave in and finally admitted that he IS the real demolitionboy and said “Sorry.” Alex smiled and went “I will accept your apology if you get me 4 stacks of cookies.”

Nathan accepted and replied, “Meet me at spawn.” Alex went to spawn and waited for what seemed an eternity, which, in reality, was actually 10 minutes. Nathan arrived and dropped 4 stacks of cookies for Alex.

When Alex was about to leave, he looked at the chat box and saw a whisper from Nathan  ”Hey Demo, can you teach me about video games?”

Alex stared at the message and replied, “What is there not to understand?”

“Well I don’t really understand the controls and what to do in most video games. Can you help?” Nathan whispered to him.

It took about half a minute for Alex to answer. “I’ll tell you everything I know. Just don’t screw up.”

Nathan smiles and replied “Alright. I won’t :)”

Alex explained the whole process of earning diamonds, armor, weapons, and the basics of survival in Minecraft to Nathan.

“Hey do you have a mic?” asked Alex.

Nathan replied,  “Yes, Vent?”

Alex whispered to him, “Sure” and told him his Ventrilo information.

Nathan turned on his mic and said “Hello?”

“Hello you grenade throwing fuck,” replied Alex.

The grenade thrower noticed he had a bit of a british accent in him and said “You made me throw it, you British turd.”

Nathan was mining underground for some supplies such as iron for tools and coal for food and torches. When he mined a bit of coal, he saw a light blue color. It was diamond. 

“HEY ALEX. I FOUND DIAMOND!” exclaimed Nathan.

“Finally you found diamond. This is your first time isn’t it?” replied Alex.

“Shut up.” said Nathan. Alex laughed at Nathan. As they continued on playing Minecraft, their friendship grew.

Over the course of the next two weeks, they had become somehow inseparable. Everyday, the two of them would get home from school and immediately go online. It was something to look forward to.

“Hi Nate,” Alex said. The other boy had been logged into the Minecraft for at least a half hour, waiting for him.

“Hey. How was school?” Nathan inquired. In Alex’s view, school was the most boring thing to have ever been invented. However, to his point of view, Alex’s “stories and adventures” about school were the most fascinating things to hear.

“Terrible. Someone said I had fluffy hair, does it look like I have FLUFFY hair?” he raged playfully.

Nathan smiled and replied, “Really?”  He laughed at Alex’s comment about someone calling his hair fluffy. 

Alex face palmed and said, “If you ever hear from her, it’ll be from my hamster’s stomach.”

Nathan laughed and replied, “You fed her to your hamster?!” 

“Yes, I did and let’s go play TF2.” They logged onto steam and started playing TF2. When Alex logged in, everyone in the chat started typing “Hey Wassup Demo!”

As always Alex chose sniper and Nathan ,once again, was fairly new and picked spy. Though spy was mostly for experienced players, he picked it anyway. 

Alex asked him, “Are you sure you want to be spy?” 

“Yes I do. Is there a problem?” replied Nathan. 

“Oh, nothing! It’s just that spies are… uh never mind,” Alex stopped himself. During the whole game, Alex had been leading the red team to victory while Nathan kept on dying. After 5 total minutes of dying, Nathan turned invisible. 

Excited, he yelled “OH MY GOD, I’M INVISIBLE.” 

Alex said “Good for you. Now go make use of yourself by killing the enemy while you’re still invisible.” Nathan switched weapons to a small knife and started knifing people from the back. Finally his invisibility ran out and he was exposed to the enemy wide open. 

“Shit,” Nathan mumbled under his breath.  

“Nathan, I got to go. Bye,” Alex told him and then logged off.

The End

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