Alex's great great great great great and so on grandmother was one of the few 'true witches' that survived the salem witch trials. When she turns 16 she's supposed to join a coven, but thats a whole year away and it's all a load of mumbo jumbo anyway...right?

Hi, my names Alex, and yes, I'm a girl. I've just turned 15, a normal age...well, for most people anyway. My life is ideal, I have great friends, good grades, my parents are happy and I guesse I am too. The most abnormal thing about me is my great great great great get the idea, grandmother was one of the few 'true witches' almost killed in the salem witch trials. Unfortunately I still have to go to school, today I have revision lessons for our big tests in two weeks. My day consists of:




PE  and


The day seemed to drag on and by the time I got to science I was ready to drop.

"Today class we will be experimenting with different chemicals. Th chemicals given, if mixed in the correctorder are highly dangerous and deadly" Mr donn smiled "So pair up and have fun"

The End

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