Alenai pt 5

I entered the room, I’ll call it the dorm, to find all the girls dressed in flowing outfits consisting of loose pants and shirts with long puffy sleeves. The shirts didn’t cover the stomach, but only hugged the chest and shoulders tightly, it showed each girls figure off to an advantage. They were all much more shapely than my own skinny self. With large chests and hourglass waists, they looked good in the outfits. Of course, they were cheerleader types, used to low cut shirts and short shorts. I was a girl of jeans and t-shirts. Thin and nearly flat chested, I couldn’t figure out why Makal had chosen me, out of all the other girls in my class, to be his final choice. Plus, there was no way in space that those outfits would possibly fit me. Taking a deep breath, I decided I needed to change no matter what and I would make do with what I found. I entered the door, leaving the giggles and conversations in the other room. Inside was nothing but a platform in the center of the room. I stepped onto it and a robotic but decidedly female voice said:

“Measurement commencing. Species: Human. Gender: Female. Height: Five feet. Weight: Ninety Five Earth pounds.” It continued to say the exact measurements in inches of my arms, legs, shoulders, waist and chest, as well as foot size. “Synthesizing.” It finished, and part of the platform rose up to reveal a shelf with a shirt, pants and shoes, as well as underclothes. I dressed quickly, it was the softest material I’d felt, except maybe the handkerchief Makal had given me, still clasped in my hand. The shoes, more like slippers, slid onto my feet easily, they were soft, but sturdier than they looked. I folded my old clothes carefully and put them and my shoes on the shelves, bidding them goodbye as well. I stepped out of the clothing-room (it wasn’t exactly a closet, so I couldn’t call it that) and Makal was back. He held a platter of fruit, some of which I could recognize as cantelope, watermelon, honey dew, strawberries, and others I could only guess at.

“Your dinner,” Makal explained. “A synthesizer will be brought, but in the meantime, I trust that this will be adequate.” He placed the food on the floor and all us girls gathered around. There was some noise as one girl braver than me tried the strangest of the fruits and we all smiled and laughed when she found it just as tasty as the rest of everything. It was finished quickly and Makal picked it up again.

“Prepare yourselves for bed,” He said. “For travel is exhausting.” I hadn’t realized ‘til he said, but I was tired. I went to the sinks lined up in front of the mirrors and discovered a jar with my name on it containing a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste, inside was also makeup remover and a hairbrush. I brushed my teeth gratefully and turned back towards Makal.

“When you have finished, step inside your beds and do not be alarmed when the Dainaae begin to close. I bid you all good night.”

The last sight I had of Makal before my own dream-bubble closed over my head was his back as he left the room.

I lay down and made myself comfortable. The cushions were soft and warm, and I snuggled in, rather happy with the situation. I could treat this like camp, things were very comfortable here, and I didn’t see any reason to think any of us might be treated badly. Makal was a good guy, despite the nature of how he came into our lives.

It was dark for a few minutes, there was no voice this time, but I thought I could feel that a sensor was working hard, silently and invisibly in the dark, figuring out what my relaxing environment was. Then, a slight shimmering on the horizon, right where the dome met the floor, spread, filling the dome with a soft golden light, not bright, but warm and comforting. The faintest of warm breezes drifted across my face, bringing with it the smell of damp dirt, fresh-cut grass and watermelon; the smell of summer. I closed my eyes, already relaxed when the sound started, the soft rustling of leaves in the gentle breeze, no bugs, no dogs, just the breeze moving the leaves. My perfect peaceful place. Next thing I knew I was asleep.

The End

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