Alenai pt 4

Makal found me in that position, sitting in front of the window, still staring at the place where my home planet had disappeared. “Your eyes are drowning.” He said quietly. I looked up to see one long hand reached out to me, holding a piece of cloth. I dried my eyes, I hadn’t realized I was crying, then folded the now damp cloth in my lap. It was a finer material than any I’d ever felt, no threads caught on the rough skin of my dry hands. Makal moved around to sit beside me, I could see where his four arms came in handy then, as he draped one right arm over my shoulders, another, its left counterpart rested in his lap as the other two supported his reclined position.

“I know it is hard,” he said, “to see your planet become a round orb floating in darkness. It must seem so small.” I nodded, not trusting myself to speak, my throat ached and felt swollen.

“It is okay to cry.” Makal said, “I feel homesick every time I leave my planet. It is a natural thing.” He got another nod. We gazed out the window at the stars and planets flying by. I pointed at the ones I knew, not really wanting to think about how fast we had to be going. I didn’t feel the movement, nor hear any engines. I took the opportunity to examine my buyer, since he was sitting so still, only moving to show me another star or planet that I didn’t know. Makal had smooth skin that looked like gold silk, he shined a little in the starlight. He wore that flowing white robe, with split sleeves and a wide gold sash. He was reclined in a cross-legged position, his legs folded in front of him. His face was calm, his nose and mouth were small, unobtrusive. His chin was pointed; he looked like no hair had ever grown on his head, he had no eyebrows. His eyes dominated his features. Large, dark, with no white at all, they were expressive, liquid onyx. They reflected the lights from the window as he follow the paths of each star his gaze fell upon. After some time had passed in this activity, Makal looked at me. I dropped my gaze to the floor, embarrassed.

“I’d better go.” I muttered, standing up. His arm dropped off my shoulders. “I have to change- and uh, claim a bed.” I stammered out excuses, backing away from my embarrassment.

The End

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