Alenai pt 3

Without thinking, I quickly slipped through behind him. He didn’t seem to notice me following him. We followed the long hallway nearly all the way back to the front of the ship when Makal turned suddenly and faced me.

“You should not be following me.” He said. I didn’t reply. I stood, and looked him in the eye.
My stomach did flip-flops as I stood there, waiting for—for what? Punishment? A reprimand? I didn’t know what to expect from these Aliens, they weren’t like anything I’d experienced, but I’d just broken a clearly stated rule, and had no excuse to do so. What he did, then, surprised me. He reached out and put two of his hands on my shoulders, I flinched at his touch and he laughed quietly, gently pushing me towards one of the rooms. It was like stepping into a cloud of blue. Blue carpets, blue cushions, blue curtains, in shades varying from deepest, darkest indigo to the palest powder blue, with everything in between.

“Sit at the window,” Makal said, nudging me in the direction of a wide, single pane window. “I will come back soon.” I did as I was told, sitting down on the floor in front of the low windowsill. I saw the school, the soccer field, and the football field. The tennis courts and the path to the softball field, with the one from the baseball fields cutting across the hill in the other direction. It was a place I’d known for so long. It wasn’t home anymore.

Thinking back on what had happened this afternoon, I realized I should be terrified. I’d been sold to an alien race like a slave, for who-knows-what purpose, but I couldn’t be scared. The way things were decorated in these rooms reminded me of a Turkish harem, or Persian seraglio, I pushed the next thought quickly out of my head before it could fully form. Snapping out of my reverie, I looked out the window, only to get a little dizzy as the view out the window had turned sideways, until the ground was like a grass wall on the right, and the sky stretched forever to the left. Shaking my head to try and make sense of the situation, I realized the ship must have turned on its side for a vertical takeoff, but it had some sort of artificial gravity that kept me and everything else in place without feeling the slightest slip as the ship turned perpendicular to the ground.

Slowly, the ship began to move, the grass wall fell away and soon I was looking behind us as the school turned to a brownish speck on the ground, then as my neighborhood turned to a featureless mass, then I could see the entire North American continent, then the South American continent, the Atlantic ocean, as well as parts of Europe and Africa.  Then we broke through the last part of the atmosphere and the earth was racing away, becoming smaller and smaller, a blue and brown marble. “Goodbye.” I whispered to my home, shrinking into the stars. “Goodbye.”

The End

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