Alenai pt 2

Once there, Makal put a hand on each of my shoulders and began to gently push me down the hallways, past rooms decorated in curtains and cushions, all cloth and colored carpets. Each room was a different color, one was decked out in all shades of blue, another screamed out in yellow. The hallway was white and modern-looking though, with smooth floors and walls made of a material I didn’t recognize. The last door, at the very end of the hallway was where we were led.

Not letting go of my shoulders, Makal opened the door and we entered a long room, with one wide window spanning the entire starboard wall (Which was to our left walking in). The other side was a long mirror, lined with basins, like a dressing room or a really long bathroom counter. On the floor, or more, in the floor, beneath the window were ten round depressions, lined with cushions, I realized pretty quickly that they were beds. Each one was not actually attatched to the floor, I realized there were narrow grooves around each one and the beds seemed to be floating inside holes in the floor.

“These are your beds,” Makal explained, “when you step inside them, a dome rises up from the floor, enclosing you in a Dinaae, a Dream Bubble, I’ve heard other humans call it. It will simulate the most relaxing environment for you. No creature should go to sleep in a still, dark, silent place, they should go to sleep where there is peaceful, quiet noise, soft, dim light, and soothing sensations. Your Dinaae is a special place, where you should always find peace.” He pointed to the far door, on the other side of the room from the one we came in. “That is the door which you may go through to find a change of clothes. To relieve yourselves, you enter the door next to the mirrors.” He pointed again. “You are not to leave through this door.” Pointing at the door we’d come through. “Unless you are told to come.”

We all nodded and he headed towards the door.

“Please excuse me, I must report to the bridge for takeoff.” He walked out the door.

The End

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