They came from the sky, great ships descending from the clouds onto the great cities of America. They took no lives, only captured, stunned and imprisoned the leaders. They valued our lives, it seemed, though they treated us like less intelligent beings, like cattle, or horses. That’s what we are to them I guess, those great businessmen of the galaxy, domesticated animals, waiting for the day they come to take us away to be servants, playthings, or, in some societies, I would suppose even a dinner delicacy. I shuddered slightly at that thought.

My own buyer came to my school on a relatively ordinary day some months after the initial invasion. I’d seen his kind come and go before, tall, elegant, almost humanoid creatures without a hair on their heads (Or anywhere else I assumed) with four arms, but only two legs (Also assuming, I never saw the legs or feet.) Always dressed from neck to floor in long flowing robes with wide sleeves, every movement was pure grace. Each time they sought out girls with hourglass figures, large chests and long legs. They took them in groups of ten or twelve. I wasn’t worried about being taken myself, I was not ideal in anyway. Small, skinny, I wasn’t strong, I wasn’t pretty, nor was I especially skilled in athletics, so I wouldn’t be chosen as even one of the pets, I would just stay on earth, hopefully find the right guy for me had stayed on earth too and we’d live more or less happily ever after.

So it came as a surprise to me when one of the graceful creatures entered my classroom and said they needed one more female for the shipment. Every girl stood up and he examined us one by one. He passed me and I breathed a sigh of relief as he inspected the last few girls, then came back to me. “This one.” One hand slipped out of the long, wide sleeve it was encased in and pointed one of the four long fingers at me. “This one.” He repeated. I stood stock-still as my classmates sat back down. Money was given to my teacher to be given to my parents, then the creature turned and led me out of the room, down the hall, and out to the soccer field behind the school. The other girls, nine of them, were already there. They all looked at me funny as the creature and I approached. I knew it was unusual, I was nothing like the other girls, they were all cheerleaders or at least popular. All accustomed to wearing low cut shirts, and short shorts, familiar with the straightening iron and the application of makeup as well. I kept as far a distance as was polite, I was nervous.

“You may call me Makal.” The creature said. “It is similar to the word master in your language, though in ours it means: superior friend. You will learn our language during our journey, which will be several earth weeks. We will make three stops to refuel, for our planet is very far from yours. Come, come.” He beckoned us aboard the ship, which looked like a really big space shuttle or airplane, with big rectangular tinted windows, all on one level, narrow wings on hinges, it looked like they were built for both lift and aerodynamics. It had big rear engines, it didn’t look like it was designed for vertical takeoff, but I couldn’t think of a runway substitute for anything this size. “Come, Come.” Makal said again, I realized he was just talking to me. I hurried up the ramp and inside.

The End

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