Legends: still Ambrose

We'd stayed so long in the dark, hiding from the Officials, who had destroyed the Sprains in their rise to power.  Armed with nothing, we ventured into the caves that lead to the mountain halls and valleys of the great Leaders of long ago. Our home was made in the smallest of these halls: A room, pillared and lined in marble, with still working lights and a short passage to a valley that held everything we needed. Only dragons, the mounts of the Sprains, could fly over the mountains to get here, everyone else would have to clamber their way through the labrynth that lay beneath the rock, a nearly impenetrable array of tunnels that kept this last place safe. Only those who knew the signs, and how to spot the correct ones out of the false could do that, and only I and Sabina knew that, the knowledge having been passed down to us through generations, the secret of the Mountains and the dark. Now, we also had one of the last Dragon eggs, and if Sabina had found that, we would be one step closer to finding the Dragon's breeding ground, their safe haven, where they may yet survive.

"Where did you find it?" I asked her, looking at the egg. It was golden, with tight swirls all along its surface. All dragon eggs were gold, though their coloring after they'd hatched was nearly impossible to determine.

"The north side of the valley." Sabina replied. "Come see."

The End

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