Twins Sabina and Ambrose live in medieval times. Their cruel parents send them off to fend for themselves in the woods, with literally nothing to start off with. No food, currency, or shelter. Not only are they completely defensless, considering their age, but awesome magic forcess suround them everywhere they go. They are dead meat, that is, until they meet Aledon.

Sneek Peek: Ambrose

"Can you keep a secret?" Sabina whispers.

"Do you think I can?" I say.


"Well, spit it out then, Sabina."

She swallows, the sound rising in the darkness like, well, like a gulp in the darkness.

"I-I found something." She whispers. "Something I can tell was made by the Sprains." I gasp, I haven't heard of the Sprains in so long.

"Impossible!" I scoff

Sabina shakes her head. "No, Ambrose. I found an egg. A dragon egg."

The End

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