Aldridge Academy

While the War erupts it really digs into seveteen-year-old junior, Louise's pockets, forcing her to do things she normally wouldn't in order to stay in school while her brother's away.

Prologue / Chapter 1


He packed up his bags in the back room, as I packed mine in my room on the other side of the house. Even from there I could hear him swearing and kicking at the cupboards. He wasn't happy with his fate. Yet neither was I. Since the day he got his draft letter the skies had been the darkest of gray, and hadn't stopped raining. It would have been his Senior year at school at Aldridge Academy. Yet because of this dumb war he was stuck missing out on it. 

Not only was he not going to graduate, but I wasn't going to have a room.

Lee and i had shared a room ever since he started school. Even though I had to have him drive me to another building, forcing him to be late every morning he said he didn't care. The punishments were enough to go through for his younger sister. We were as close as siblings could honestly get, yet we were being pushed about by the cruelty of the world. It was a huge war. One that had the sear possibility of ending the whole world in a blaze of fire. Lee had the likely hood of falling on the first day. I wasn't ready to let him go yet, but my mother insisted I stayed calm. 

Finally he walked out with his suitcases in hand into my room. He bounced down onto my bed and wrapped his arm around my frail shoulder and looked down into my eyes. 

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" He asked for the millionth time.

"Yes," I regurgitated, just like any other word that I had to repeat for the same question thirty times in a row. "What about you? Will you  be  okay!?" 

"I'm not really sure about that..." He answered sourly, curling his lip as the words fluttered out and splashed into my puffy eyes. He held me close to him and pulled me into an embrace. "It'll all be just fine. I promise you no matter what happens I will always be with you."

"Don't say it like that," I sobbed into my hands. "Your making it sound like your going to die. I don't want you to die!"

"No body ever really wants anyone to die," He mumbled caressing my face. "So please don't cry." 

"I'll try not to," I grumbled,  not looking up at him. "Be careful. Please."

"Can do sis," He mumbled. "And don't get yourself into any trouble while I'm gone. And do good in school."

"Can do," I repeated. He laughed and from there helped me pack the rest of my bags. 


The rain continued to pour and soak through my dead umbrella and onto my jacket, which wasn't really waterproof as I would have preferred. I was a Junior now at Aldridge Academy and so I was one year off from finishing school. Only one. So only one more winter of heading back to school was before me.

We started school every November, which wasn't common back in the day but is now. So when we first go to school all that is buzzing in our minds are plans of Christmas. Even the forms you have to fill out to get your own room as you questions about what Christmas would be like at your home, mostly so they can tell what kind of financial help you may need over the course of the year. That's why Lee and I always had to share, since our family wasn't always the richest of them all.

As i walked in I felt that sensation of the first day of school vibrate through my body. It was awkward at best though since I was all alone this year. I knew everyone in my grade rather well but that didn't mistake the fact that I was lost without Lee doing all of the work. 

"Louise!" I heard a male voice gasp out behind me. Once I recognized the shrill voice my body trembled and i slowly bit down on my lip. "What a pleasant surprise seeing you here!"

"Hello Matt," I grumbled under my breath as he slung his muscled arm over my shoulder. 

"Where's that brother of yours?" He asked. 

"You know perfectly well you slug," I hissed. 

"Louise are you still angry at me?" He asked simply. Of course I was still angry. That rich little scumbag always caused me great deals of trouble. I couldn't stand him one bit. He always had the best things and always destroyed my christmas presents whenever we were only in fourth grade. I couldn't stand him and his giant self-obsessed ego. I resented him my whole life.

I just ended up walking away and he attempted to follow me but got stopped by the Algebra teacher. I went over to the table where I could pick up my paper for my room sign up. I looked down at it. The dean looked down at me and raised an eyebrow.

"You know that it will cost you over a thousand dollars to have your own room right?" He asked.

I swallowed my tongue and looked down at the floor miserably. I just walked away and laid down on the ground with my pen in hand.

Your Name: Louise Tucker

Class: Junior

I looked at the paper and skimmed through the next few questions and suddenly felt a presence next to me. I looked over to see Matt sitting by me.

"I overheard you talking to the Dean," he mumbled cooly.

"I didn't talk to the Dean," I muttered roughly, and it was the truth. 

"Why don't you room with me?" He gleamed. 

"No Way!" I yelled. 

"Why not?" he asked sorrowfully. "I have the money for the room. it wouldn't cost you a thing to just stay with me."

"I don't like you," I grumbled. "Go jump off a bridge."

"Aww Louise come on," He cooed. "We all know that you don't mean that."

"Try me."

He started scribbling on the paper and then handed it to me to look at, not letting go of the top of the paper. I read  it slowly and my eyes widened. 

"You forged my signature!" I hissed. He giggled happily and ran away to the desk and handed the Dean the room sign up sheet. 

The End

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