As soon as Taurus’ lips touch mine, sparks quickly spread through my entire body. Is this what Katrina was talking about when she said that the bond between the star bonders on the same plane was really strong?

               Now you concentrate better?Ava asks.

                I shrug.Maybe.

                “Halcyone, Terra has a request. He wants to know if you’ll let him do something that will allow all four of us to communicate mentally,” Taurus asks.

                “Who’s Terra?” I ask, confused.

                The bull next to him lows, as if to remind me of his presence.

                “Oh. Um…sure, I guess. Why not?” I say, looking to Ava for approval. She nods.

                Terra walks to me and presses his snout against my forearm, but not the one that has the golden feather tattooed on it. His eyes glow silver, which fades to gold, and heat quickly spreads through my forearm, along with the feeling of being burned. I try to jerk it away, but Taurus holds my arm in place.

                “I know it hurts, just wait,” he says, holding my gaze.

                I focus on his eyes and try not to focus on my arm burning. Then something strange happens. As I keep staring into his eyes, the pain goes away, and it doesn’t hurt anymore, but I know that my arm is still burning because Terra’s snout is still pressed against my skin and the area around his snout is bright red. I look up from my arm and see…myself.

               It is done,Terra says as he pulls his snout away from my arm, then laughs.Why are you looking through Taurus’ eyes, Halcyone?


                My vision changes, and I’m staring at Taurus again. “What was that?”

               New bond made you share Taurus’ body,Ava explains.Is something you know how do now.

                Oh. That was…weird…to say the least. But I guess it’s just one of the things that are now going to seem natural to me. Am I ever going to get used to this?

               Halcyone, now you’ll have some of Taurus’ gifts, but they’ll affect you differently,Terra says gently.

                “Like which ones? Am I going to start carving runes and stuff into my skin?” I ask.

                “Terra, you never said that was a possibility! I can’t let her do that!” Taurus says quickly, looking worriedly toward the small bull.

               Calm down you two, Halcyone won’t start carving runes into her skin. She’ll just be having dreams, and if she needs to get runes out of her head, she’ll trace them in the sky and start making constellations.

               “I can make constellations?” I ask. “That’s really cool!”

               Star pictures you make in sky same as ones on Taurus’ skin,Ava says as she flies over me and lands next to Taurus.This one be you,she says as she points to one with her beak.

                “Let me see,” I say as I gently take Taurus’ arm in my hand.

                The mark Ava was talking about is very pretty and intricate. It’s shaped like a circle, but with many small lines in it tracing a star with a Halcyone in the middle. As I stare at the mark, the Halcyone’s wings begin to flap and it looks like it’s flying.

                “This one’s from the first dream I had,” Taurus says. “I saw you in it. You were the first star bonder that I saw in my dreams.”

               Is because of love connection,Ava says like he should have already known this.

                “Will there ever be a way where we can have a conversation without your commentary?” I ask Ava, trying to hide the irritation in my voice.

                Terra laughs.Only if we don’t say anything.

               “Then can we go for a walk without you two and you guys keep your commentary to yourselves?” Taurus asks, not taking his eyes off of me.

                Terra nods, and Ava puffs up her chest and looks down her beak at me.

                “Come on,” Taurus says with a laugh as he helps me to my feet. “There’s something I want to show you upstairs. I found it when Katrina said I could stay here.”

                I follow him across the store and up the wooden stairs. The banister has the star animals carved in it. Well, all of them except Lupine.

                “It’s at the end of the hallway. I think you’ll really like it,” Taurus says, jerking my mind away from the carvings on the banister.

                He stops walking and lets me walk down the hallway by myself. I’m drawn to the silver-grey door at the end of the hallway. The closer I get to it, the stronger I’m drawn to it. After what feels like walking a mile, but is probably only a few steps, I start running down the hallway. When I reach the end, I quickly open the door.

                Inside is a star observatory, but better. There’s no ceiling, and I can feel the warm summer night air move around me. The room is shaped like…what else? A star. There’s also a telescope in each of the points, and in the center of the star is a large platform. I step up on it and hold my arms out, staring up at the sky.

                “When Terra told me that you were a constellation dancer, I figured this room must have been made for you. I’m not sure what all everything is for in here, but Terra said that you would know,” Taurus says as he walks behind me.

                “This is where I can start tracing things to be in the sky,” I say without turning around. “I just trace what I want on this platform, and it appears in the sky.”

                I sense Taurus nod and wait, wanting me to show him what I mean. I close my eyes, and the constellation that Ava said was me appears behind my eyelids. Eyes closed, I begin dancing on the platform, tracing out the pattern. The lines in the circle aren’t as complicated as I originally thought.

                My dance gets faster and faster, and I can feel the wind dancing with me in my hair and tugging at my clothes, which suddenly seem too tight. Maybe Katrina would have something looser to dance in. I’ll ask her when I’m done.

                I do a series of quick, tight spins to finish off the constellation when I lose my balance and fall into Taurus’ arms.

                “I’ve never seen someone as happy as you were when you were dancing,” he says as he holds me. “Look what you’ve done,” he says with a smile as he points up to the sky.

                I follow where he’s pointing and see the new constellation, my constellation, now in the center of the sky. Very slowly, the Halcyone’s wings start flapping, and I smile.

The End

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