She'll be BackMature

                I did not suspect that her feelings for the human were that strong, Lupine says.

                Lupis angrily turns away from the building. “Don’t worry, she’ll come back. She’ll only be able to last so long without telling him, and then he’ll think she’s insane, or he’ll leave her.” Lupis looks up and smiles. “Or I could go ahead and show Jay the truth.”

               You wouldn’t do that, Ares says angrily.You will not mess this up! Aries will come around, but it will just take time. Your imprisonment left you very impatient and not like the Lupis who originally wanted to take over the star. Just bide your time, you’re right. She can only last so long with him before your bond grows too strong for her to ignore.

               “Unfortunately, you’re right,” Lupis snarls. “This was easier when Hanna was your bonder.” He turns and looks up at Aries’ window. “I’ll let you have your fun, but you won’t be able to forget about all of this. And when you can’t stand it anymore, I’ll be here.”

                Lupis tears his gaze away from the window and takes a step before vanishing in black smoke with Lupine and Ares.

The End

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