It’s really sweet that Taurus came to make sure I was okay after my little “spat” with Aries. Well, at least I won’t have to worry about her anymore. Or is it that I’ll have to worry about her even more now that she’s with Lupis and she’ll want to kill me?

               No worry Aries, focus on new learning,Ava says. She places another gold feather on my wrist.

                “What’s this for?”

               Halcyone like Ava, can fly. But need learn how.

                “I can fly? That’s not possible.”

                Ava shakes her head.Lotsa things not possible, but happen anyway. Lupis not able to escape, but did. Halcyone can fly, but take practice.

               “And you want me to practice flying in a magic shop filled with priceless, fragile merchandise that costs more than my mom’s mid-life crisis is costing us? That’s not happening. And besides, there’s no possible way for me to fly. I don’t have wings and I’m too heavy. My bones aren’t hollow like yours are.”

               Yes they are. Why else you be so light, easy to pick up? Because hollow bones like Ava.

                “So I’m basically part bird?”

                Ava makes a sound that can only be described as bird laughter.To put in simple way, yes. But Halcyone more human than bird. But Halcyone can fly, just trust Ava.

               “Okay Ava, I trust you. But I still don’t understand how this is going to work,” I say as I look across the shop at Taurus.

               Focus!Ava yells in my head as she cuffs my head with one of her large wings.

                I look back at her. “That was uncalled for.”

                She shakes her head.Then stop thinking about Taurus! Focus! Halcyone need learn to fly, is part of training. Think ‘light,’ don’t lose focus or Halcyone fall.

               “Right, so in order to fly, I just can’t lose focus or I’ll fall. And I just have to think light in order to fly. Why haven’t I thought of this before?”

                Ava cuffs my head again and gives me a look that makes me realize we both have the same temper.

                “What is the feather for?”

               Help you think light.

                I nod. “Okay then.” I try to take the feather off my wrist, but it slowly starts sinking into my skin, leaving behind a gold mark of the feather. “Wow. That’s permanent, isn’t it?”

                Ava nods.Think light.

                And so I try to think light. Light as a feather. Light as the gold feather that’s now imprinted in my skin. I close my eyes and continue thinking light thoughts.

               Halcyone, guess what,Ava says happily.You flying.

                I open my eyes and see that she’s right, I’m hovering about six feet above the ground. I look across the room and see Taurus watching me, and I lose focus and fall to the ground.

               I told you not watch Taurus. You need better focus,Ava says with a laugh.

                Taurus helps me up. “Are you okay?”

                I nod. “Yeah, or at least I think so. I guess I just need more practice.”

               Yes, you do. Now tell Taurus leave alone so you can.

               I smile and shake my head.

                “What’d Ava say?” Taurus asks.

                “Oh, she said for you to…”

                “Leave so you can practice?” Taurus finishes for me.

                I nod and look away from his gaze. “Yeah.”

                “Okay. Well I don’t think that was too bad for a first try at flying.” He gives me another smile before turning and walking back to the table where he and his bull are practicing.

               Halcyone, you like him. Why you not together?

               “Because I’ve got too much other stuff to handle. And you said I need to focus.”

                Ava sighs.If you focus better when you two together, then I okay. But you feel much better when you be in relationship with him. That how it was for Rebecca and Mitchell.

               “Rebecca? That’s who your first bonder was?”

                Ava nods, and then gestures toward Taurus with her beak, giving me permission to go ahead. I look from her to Taurus, then start walking across the store to him.


The End

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