Rite of PassageMature

               “Where is it?” Katrina almost yelled at herself as she searched through an old trunk, throwing things that she wasn’t looking for over her shoulder. At the bottom of the trunk, she finally found what she’d been looking for, a very old book written in the original language of the star bonders. She pulled it out from the trunk and wiped the dust off the cover. The writing on the cover briefly glowed just before Katrina pulled the star-shaped lock off and opened the book.

                She quickly flips through the pages until she finds what she’s really been looking for, the training that Lupis had gone through, and what he’d undoubtedly put Aries through. Katrina reads through the pages quickly, trying to find what Lupis is going to make Aries to before it’s too late.

                After reading three pages describing the toll that the training would have on the body and the rewards it would yield, she finally finds Aries’ “initiation” into Lupis’ power.

                “No,” Katrina says as she shakes her head. “Aries will become many things, but a murderess is not one of them!”


The End

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