According to Terra, one of my new powers, which he says is just magnifying what I already knew I had, makes me an empath, meaning that the rest of my powers are based on emotions, and I feel other’s emotions very strongly. Like right now, as Halcyone’s crying, all I feel is the breaking of an innocent heart, which rips down the walls I’ve built and leaves me completely defenseless.

                “Halcyone? Are you okay?” I ask softly as I stand behind her.

                She turns and looks at me, her turquoise eyes filled with tears. “I honestly don’t know anymore.”

                I sit down on the floor next to her. “Well, I’m a good listener if you want to talk.”

                Halcyone stares at me for a second. “I don’t know if I’m ready to talk about it yet. But I’m going through a lot of picking up the pieces from other people’s mistakes and I just can’t handle it anymore. I’m so ready to give up completely so I’ll be done with everything.”

                “Halcyone, suicide isn’t the answer. Things will get better, it just takes time.”

                She smiles through her tears. “I know, Taurus. And I was seriously considering it until I walked in here and first met Katrina and you and my Halcyone.”

                I smile, a rare thing for me to do. “I’m glad that I could help you reconsider.”

                She looks down at the wood floor. “I heard you, Katrina, and Aries fighting. What’s going on?”

                “Well, Aries is with Lupis, and now it’s just you, me, and Katrina.”

                She looks back up to me, fear in her eyes. “So now what? Aries is already really powerful, and Lupis even more so than her. We don’t stand a chance.”

                I shrug. “Power doesn’t mean anything. The more powerful someone is, the less they pay attention to their weaknesses, which is where we’ll be,” I say, thinking of my dad.

                Halcyone shakes her head. “I wish we didn’t have to fight. I’d rather find another way around this.”

                “Based on how Katrina talks about her brother, and what I’ve seen in dreams, I don’t think that’s going to happen. And Aries said that she and Lupis were a lot alike, and she looked like a fighter.”

                “I wonder what my dad will think when he wakes up and I’m not there,” she says, changing the subject.

                I shrug. “I don’t know, I’ve never had caring parents that might get worried if I wasn’t there in the morning.”

                She turns and pierces me with her eyes again. How does she do that?

                “I’m so sorry, Taurus. I really am. It can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing sometimes,” she says as she puts her hand on my shoulder.

                “How can it be a bad thing when you have parents that love you?” I ask, trying not to focus on the fact that her hand is on my shoulder.

                She looks back down and moves her hand away. “Well, because when they do something bad or unexpected, your whole world is thrown upside down and everything you knew is shattered, and you’re left wondering if everything they’ve ever said or done was nothing but a lie because you can’t tell the difference between the smoke and mirrors and the truth.”

                “That’s what you’re going through right now, isn’t it?” I ask, knowing that I’m right before she answers.

                “Maybe your insight is a little too powerful for me,” she says with a half-smile. “But even if you can see everything that I’m feeling, it’s nothing but a kaleidoscope of emotions right now. Even I can’t tell what I’m feeling.”

                I smile again. “Maybe, but I bet it’s a kaleidoscope filled with bright color, and it’s a kaleidoscope that I’d like to try and help put back together. If you’ll let me, that is,” I add quickly to the end, not believing I said that.

                Halcyone slowly looks back up at me. “As friends, right?”

                “If that’s what you want,” I say.

                She smiles. “I’d like that very much.”

The End

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