Katrina gently sets Alcyone back in his habitat and walks to the foot of stairs hidden behind a giant bookshelf. She can faintly hear Taurus snoring and she smiles, glad she could help him. She turns and walks back to her desk by Alcyone’s habitat when the bell above door dings and someone walks in.

                “I’m sorry, but we’re closed right now,” she says without looking up.

                “But I’ve been waiting so long to see you again, darling sister,” says a familiar voice.

                “Lupis,” she says as she jerks her head up. “But how?”

                Lupis smiles insincerely. “There are many things that I am capable of that you don’t know of, Katrina.” He leans forward on the desk and she leans back.

                “And besides, I’ve come for information. Word on the street is that the star is complete again. I know you know where the rest of them are.”

                “The rest?” she asks weakly.

                Lupis nods and pulls a silver and onyx dagger from a sheath strapped to his wrist. “I’ve already met one, lovely girl. Now where are the others?”

                Katrina’s face pales. “If you’ve hurt Aries or Halcyone…”

                Lupis grins. “So that’s their names. Thank you, darling sister.” He looks toward the stairs. “Is one of them upstairs, Katrina? Mayhap I should visit them, too. Let them know who I am.”

                Katrina glares at Lupis. “No. You will not come near any of them again, Lupis.”

                “You know Katrina, I never was one for following orders very well. But, I’ll postpone the introduction. I just came by to let you know that I’m back,” he says with mock affection, then turns away and walks out of the store, Lupine walking beside him. Katrina sags against the counter as he disappears from view.

After a moment, she turns and runs upstairs. “Taurus! Go get Halcyone and Aries!”

The End

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