Instead of working at the store, Katrina and the star animals are showing us how to correctly use and channel our powers, which we’ve had since birth. Maybe that’s why so many people think I’m a freak…

                My Halcyone has been trying to help me uncover my telepathic powers for almost thirty minutes now, and it’s starting to give me a headache. Even though I’m failing completely with every attempt, the large bird is still patient.

                “This is hopeless,” I say as I lean against the table and put my head in my hands. The Halcyone hops toward me and leans down, flipping its head so it can look into my eyes. Its eyes are black pools, filled with sadness, hope, and innocence. Just like mine.

                Halcyone have attention span make pigeon look smart.

                I blink. “What?”

                Need concentrate. Forget trouble parents. Concentrate.

                I lift my head up and take a deep breath, trying to forget about my parents and how to get them back together.

                That not hard you make seem.

                But how…?

                If birds could smile, I swear my Halcyone is.

                Called Ava, not Halcyone. You Halcyone. People stupid call Ava Halcyone. Only bonders call Ava. Bonders smart.

                I ruffle the feathers on Ava’s golden throat. She puffs up with pleasure. I smile. I can talk with my bond animal.

                A quick look around the small shop shows that Aries has already harnessed more of her powers than me. Taurus is tracing the marks on his arms, deep in thought. Or conversation with his Taurus, I can’t tell.

                Why jealous Aries?

                “Because she’s got a better hold on her powers than I do. How does she do that?”

                Ava shrugs and runs her black beak through her golden breast feathers. Aries and Aries faster bonder have dreams.

                “So if I had dreams about this, then I would be able to do that?” I ask as Aries makes an old painting glow gold.

                No. Aries special, Aries bond art.

                “They bond through her art? How do Taurus and Taurus bond?”

                Rune dreams.

                “Rune dreams?”

                Dream like Aries, runes on skin. That make bond.

                “Then how do we bond?”

Innocent creatures have sad and hope.

“Innocence, sadness, and hope make our bond?”

                Ava nods and hops on my shoulder, her long tail feathers tucking against my brown hair. I stare out the window, lost in thought about the energy star and the sudden turn of events today.

The End

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