Lupis’ eyes are closed as he floats through nothingness. He knows nothing save the fact that there is no escape from this prison. He can’t even move.

                Or so Katrina thinks.

                Lupis’ fingers twitch and a smile slowly spreads across his face. “The star is almost completely together again, all that’s missing is me,” he says softly. He whistles, and a gold and black wolf appears beside him. Lupine.

                When Katrina trapped her brother in limbo, she didn’t know that he still had contact with Lupine, or that Lupine could help Lupis escape.

                In a flash of gold light, Lupis and Lupine vanish from limbo and reappear in the street a few blocks away from the magic shop. Lupis looks up and smiles again, his dark eyes glimmering with the promise of new power and revenge and freedom.

                “Come along, Lupine. We have much to do,” he says as he starts walking down the street, enjoying the strange looks his bizarre appearance and wolf are attracting. “It’s time to pay my little sister a visit, Lupine.”

The End

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