Before I can try and puzzle out what Katrina means by "two more," a tall, muscular guy walks in. His sleeves stick to his arms, and I can see livid red markings underneath the slightly off-white fabric.

"You can help me with this," he says quickly as he walks to Katrina.

Katrina watches him with interest before reaching down and scratching Alcyone's scaly head. "Now there's only one more, Alcyone. When do you think she'll come?"

Alcyone hisses softly and curls back around the small castle.

Katrina looks at the boy standing beside me again. "What is your name?"

"Taurus," he says quickly.

Katrina smiles. "I thought so." She reaches underneath her desk and pulls out something the size of Taurus' fist wrapped in canvas, just like the Halcyone was. What does she have for him? And why is she giving away these things to us?

"It's a bull," Taurus says as his eyes quickly flash from brown to yellow-green.

Katrina smiles again and nods. "Yes," she says softly as she lifts one corner of the canvas, which slips to the floor, uncovering a copper bull with silver markings.

Taurus excitedly rolls up his sleeves. "Those are just like the marks that I've been seeing."

I gasp. The livid marks I saw on his arms weren't tattoos, but carved into his skin.

Katrina nods. "I'll explain everything after the third comes."

Taurus gentle picks up the copper bull, which lows and shakes its head when it touches his skin. I watch my Halcyone. Who's the third?

The End

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