Alcyone Magic ShopMature

Twenty Years Ago-

            It was the grand opening of the Alcyone Magic Shop. From the outside, the magic shop looked like any other ordinary shop, with the same soft grey exterior. But if you looked at the sign, you’d see the constellation in the sign actually glowed and shifted across the sign when the real star Alcyone moved across the sky.

            Katrina, the owner of the magic shop was a woman who looked much younger than she really was. She had blonde-silver hair that she always wore up in a bun with one long section curling down by her neck. Vivid grey eyes were the most prominent feature in a face that was once beautiful, but now could only be described as handsome.

            Katrina smiled as she turned the sign from “closed” to “open.” “Don’t worry, Alcyone. They’ll come soon.”

The End

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