The day after the day beforeMature

I wake with what feels like a rock in the pit of my stomach. Not because of the copious amount I drank at the wedding last night, but because I woke. Every day is the same. I head to the kitchen and yank the freezer door open. A half empty bottle of Grey goose lays there next to a bag of mixed vegies. I'll just have a small glass.

I throw the empty bottle in the recycling and jump in the shower. I stand under the shower rose and wonder what I have in my closet, with sleeves down to my wrists, that I could wear to this damn post wedding brunch thing. The phone starts ringing so I turn the water off, grab my towel and run to get it.

"Hello". "Amy, where did you get to last night? Oh you missed such a good party. Denise kissed Sam, can you believe it?! Anyway what are you doing? Are you coming to mums brunch?" It was Lesley, I should have known. "Hi Lesley. Oh I wasn't feeling very well last night so I umm left pretty early. Umm yes I will see you soon I'm just getting dressed." "Ok well hurry up, Adam just got here. (I instinctively hold my breath) Oh sorry I 'spose you don't want to see him? Amy you just have to forget him and move on. Anyway I'll see you soon, yes?" "Umm yes, no, I'm fine. Yes I'll see you soon." I hang up and head back to the kitchen..

The End

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