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For you who have read the Harry Potter Series or know the ending of the last book (Deathly Hallows) you will know that there is a chapter type called 'Nineteen Years Later' where Harry has three children, James, Albus and Lily with his wife Ginny. Albus is the middle child and is 11 years old much like his father and its his first year going to Hogwarts. James who has been there (in his third year in this fan fiction) for two years and is starting his third year. James teases his br

Chapter one - Soft Welcoming

…Albus waved to his father from the second to last carriage ,who was standing waving back on the crowded platform. It was slowly drifting away, as the steam of the great red train filled the air. Albus still leaning out of the window, looked across a great landscape filled with Tall green trees, with the raise of the bright sun glazing down on it, as he heard a familiar voice from his side. ‘Albus!’ called a short girl about the same height as he was, ‘Come on, lets go find seats!’. She waved her arm in a beckon and turned holding her bag at her side, She was already wearing her school ropes which flapped behind her. ‘Hold up, Rose!’ Called Albus, now chasing after her dodging the other soon to be students down the narrow corridor. ‘Good to join me then’ Rose said, as he approached her. Walking along side her they walked past the compartment in which his old brother was in, with the rest of his third year friends. As he and Rose try walking past without being noticed, James slides the door open. ‘Alright bro?’ he said to his younger brother, At a halt Albus turns his head to him and nods quickly then trying to drag Rose along further down the corridor.’Aren’t you afraid of being put in Slytherin Al?’ James called in his high voice. Albus still trying to get away Rose pulled him back and turns to James ‘Why should he, his mum and dad were in Gryffindor as are you’ she said in her soft tone. ‘Yea but you never know, if not Slytherin. He could be put in Ravenclaw’ Said James. From the other side of the compartment Albus heard a sort of snide laugh that belonged to Aaron Altega, a big brown haired boy in the same year as James. He was abnormally Tall for his age, he once gave Albus a Fever Fudge from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes without knowing when he came to stay. ‘Either way he's still going to be there isn't he’ said Rose in a sarcastic way, then turning back to Albus and pointing to go on. After passing more than a dozen compartments the two of them decide to join one which was already Occupied, having they choose the right one they might be able to ask the right people. Finally choosing one which two girls were already in by the look of them they were starting this year as They were, Rose slid the compartment door open and poking her head in. ‘Is it ok if we join you?’ she said in a kind voice. Both the girls look up seeing Rose then noticing Albus standing beside her, one of the girls says in a Soft Welcoming voice' ‘Sure, Are you starting too?’. As the two of them walk in to the small space Albus throws his bag up onto the shelf before realising that he probably wouldn’t be able to get it back down from his height. ‘Yea we are. I’m Rose, Rose Weasley. That's Albus Potter’ pointing at him, ‘What's your names?’ Rose said sitting down next to one of the girls and sensibly putting her bag beside her. Albus now forgetting about his bag and noticing the girl on the other seat to the other two and lowers him self sitting next to the girl. 'Your dads Harry Potter. I've heard great stories about him’ said the girl sitting next to Rose, Albus nodded with a small smile. ‘I’m Bea, Bea Jackson. And that’s Annabelle’ Said Bea. Annabelle was a small girl, with very long black hair that fell upon her robes, she didn't look up until her name was said and looked straight at Albus who was looking back at her. With a quick glance Albus looked away from what he noticed were beautiful blue eyes. ‘Annabelle Tyler’ she said looking down at her hands in a quiet voice. ‘Nice to meet you, Bea and Annabelle’ Said Rose, ‘Have you two just met, or known each other for a while’. ‘We met on the platform actually. What about you two?’ said Bea. ‘We’re Cousins’ Albus cut in, ‘Yeah, his mums my dads sister’, said Rose looking to Albus then back to Bea. ‘Great! what house are you hoping to be in?’ said Bea. ‘Well, I’m hoping to be in Gryffindor. Both my parents were. I don't think it will make that much of a difference though. I’m just hope Al’s in the same house as me’ Rose said. Albus noted this at the sound of his name and said ‘well thanks Rose, same here’, then all of a sudden the soft quiet voice came again ‘I don't care which house I'm in’ Annabelle said. ‘Well that’s great, keeping an open mind’ said Albus. ‘it doesn’t matter what house your in does it, we can still be friends right?’ said Bea, ‘Sure! Definitely!’ Rose said in a happy voice. The Journey went on for a long time, riding through the tall green hills, the sun was pouring in from the window onto Annabelle's face who was still looking away from the others, Albus had the impression that she couldn’t look at him. Her beautiful hair was shiny from the sun, as she looked up to gaze at the hills the light from the sun twinkled in her eyes. Rose and Bea had been talking most of the journey, discussing the lessons they’d hopefully be taking together. It was obvious that Bea was also determined to do well like Rose, who evidently got her cleverness from her mother and not Uncle Ron. Near to the end of the journey it was getting dark quite fast, the sky’s outside of window were slightly clouded around the red sun which was just touching the land in the distance. Albus was looking out of the window past the door noticing now that they were approaching dim lights ahead, he stood up and looked more closely as the train started to slow down at the lamp lit empty platform. ‘Are we here?’ Asked Bea curiously, ‘I think so!’ said Albus. Rose then stood slid open the compartment door and looked down the narrow corridor seeing kids already sliding open there’s getting ready to depart the train. ‘Look! It’s Hagrid!’ pointing to a big dark figure standing alone on the platform, ‘Come on!’ Albus said in a loud happy voice. He stood up on the seat as the other three walked out into the corridor ‘come on Al’ Rose said, ‘OK hang on, I’m comin’ now!’ Albus said pushing his bag to the floor, picking it up and then joined the others. The three of them made there way down the carriage and onto the platform, where there were older students, probably prefects watching over the new students pointing them in the right direction, Albus and Rose however ran over to Hagrid Straight away and Bea and Annabelle follow. The four of the approached the huge figure, ‘'Ello Albus! Rose!’ said the half-giant. He was wearing a big brown coat and holding a huge lamp fit for his gigantic hands. ‘Hey Hagrid’ said Albus, He felt even better now that he knew another familiar face. Hagrid had come to there house several times for his dads birthday, and his, but he always seemed to get choked up and cry a bit at his dads which he didn't really know why. ‘You ok Hagrid?’ Rose asked looking up at him, ‘Fine, even better now you two are here’ Hagrid said through the big beard around his chin. Bea and Annabelle looked shocked and yet confused from Hagrid and his relationship with the two of them, ‘And who’s this?’ Hagrid said, ‘oh, this is Bea and-’ Rose said, but half way through Albus cut through and said ‘and this is Annabelle’. Albus put a hand on Annabelle’s shoulder which she wasn’t expecting and looked at Albus then to the others, then Albus removed his hand from her shoulder as she obviously didn't find it comfortable. ‘Well, come on then you lot. This way to the boats!’ Hagrid said waving his arm and pointing ahead.

The End

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