The Goodnight KissMature

Andrew was everything I look for in a guy.  He was charming, funny and easy on the eye.  But best of all, he seemed to like me for who I really was; the ditzy blonde who was prone to saying the wrong thing.  Not many people can put up with that let me tell you.

We talked all the way through dinner.  I couldn't believe we had so much in common that meant we could chat for hours.  I'd never met anyone like Andrew before.  The guys I normally dated were complete idiots who only cared about having someone hanging on their arm.

After we'd fought over the bill, a fight I graciously allowed Andrew to win, and we had paid, Andrew took me back to the car and held the door open for me as I slid in.  The relaxed atmosphere in the car allowed us to sit in a comfortable silence as Andrew drove me home.

He pulled up right outside my house, hurrying round to get my door and walking me up my parent's drive to the front of the house.

"I had a really great time tonight," I said, looking down at the ground and gripping my purse tightly.

"I'm glad you did because I really enjoyed it too."  We both laughed nervously, neither sure how to meet the other's eye.  "Well, I suppose this is goodnight," Andrew said.

"It is."

"Goodnight then Alannah."

"Goodnight Andrew."

He smiled nervously before turning and walking back towards the car.  I turned to unlock the front door but paused when I heard Andrew's footsteps coming back in my direction.

"Sorry to keep you up but I don't want this date to end like this."

"What do you mean?  We had a nice time didn't we?"

"Yes we did but I don't want you to think that a nice time is all I want."  There was a strange look in Andrew's eyes, a look I couldn't place or identify.  "I really like you Alannah and I want to do this again sometime."

"I like you too Andrew, you don't have to tell me that you like me in order to get another date with me."

"I knew I shouldn't have said that," Andrew muttered to himself, screwing up his face and tensing his shoulders.  "Now I've just made a fool of myself."

"You haven't," I insisted.  "It's actually quite cute."


"Yes," I said, stepping down from my doorstep so I was standing very close to Andrew.  I could feel his breath on my face sending shivers down my spine.  "In fact, it makes me like you more.  It shows you care enough to want to impress me.  It makes a girl feel special."

"Then I'm glad that I did it.  If anyone should be made to feel special it's you Alannah because you are so special."

I blushed, looking back at the floor again, studying the brickwork intently.  I shivered as I felt Andrew's hand on my chin, turning my face up to look at his.  His eyes made my heart dance as they drew closer to mine.

"I'm going to kiss you," Andrew suddenly blurted out, breaking the silence of the moment.  He shook his head, realising what he'd done and pulled away.  "Sorry, I should have kept my mouth shut."

"Don't be sorry," I said, fighting back my laughter.  "Not many people warn me that they're going to kiss me before they make their move.  It's refreshing."

"I'm going to go now before I embarrass myself even more."  Andrew backed away from me, his face going red in the semi-darkness.

"Andrew, wait."  I went after him, taking hold of his hand and turning him to face me.  "There's something you've forgotten."  I reached up on my tiptoes and pressed my lips against his.  The kiss only lasted a moment but the feeling of his warm, soft lips on mine sent a warm wave of happiness through my body.

I pulled away, not wanting to linger for too long and give him the wrong idea.  "Goodnight," I breathed before turning and hurrying back to the front door.  Before I closed the door I looked back out at Andrew who was still standing dazed in the middle of my parent's driveway.  I blew him another kiss and shut the door.

A big grin spread across my face and I danced as quietly as I could along the hallway towards the stairs.

"So you had a good time then?"  My mother had waited for me to come home and was now leaning inquisitively over the top of the bannister.  Typical.

"Yes I did thank you."

"Why didn't you invite him in?  I would have loved to meet him."

"Somehow I don't think Andrew is quite ready for that," I said as I passed my mother.  "Goodnight Mum."

The End

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