That's A Bit BetterMature

'I hate it,' I groaned down the phone at Vicky as I took my lunch break on Friday.  'Why do people have to work?  I'm so glad it's the weekend you have no idea.'

'So your first week didn't go too well then?'

After my awkward start with Garrett I had managed to restrain myself from making a spectacle of myself for the rest of the week, something I was very proud of.  Unfortunately, the man who had grabbed my ass in the lift on that first day had told the whole building I was a slut.  I was going to take me years to prove all of the people who knew wrong.

'It's not just that.  I'm bored out of my mind!  I've re-organised the filing system so it actually makes sense now, written new labels for every file, made more cups of tea than is healthy and beaten my high score on snake.  And this is just my first week!'

'It'll get better,' Vicky said.

'How do you know?'  I said, stabbing my salad violently.  'There is nowhere else for me to go from here.  I'm going to be stuck being the office slave for the rest of my life, doomed to perfect the art of tea making.'

'There could be worse fates.  At least you'll make lots of friends if you can make the perfect cup of tea.'

'Vicky, I'm known as the office slut and I'm sitting alone at lunchtime in a building where hundreds of people work.  I don't think it's going to get much better.'

'Keep positive Alannah.'  Vicks said distractedly.  I heard her shout something away from the phone.  'Look I'm going to have to go honey.  Stay smiling and I'll speak to you later.'

I didn't even say goodbye before Vicky hung up.  I dropped my mobile onto the table, turning back to my salad with no enthusiasm whatsoever.  I didn't even like salad.

'I'm telling you, it's suicide.  No one is good enough to cover up a murder like that.'

The words 'suicide', 'cover up' and 'murder' immediately caught my attention.  I knew there were coppers working on murder cases in the building, but they didn't eat downstairs with the rest of us.  I don't think they ever ate.'

'But there is no reason why he would kill himself,' another voice chipped in as I turned to look at the group of men sitting at the table next to me.  'And surely if you were going to kill yourself you would go for something classic, or at least easier and less painful than staking yourself through the heart.'

'I'd guess it's a sex game gone wrong,' I suggested without thinking.  The whole table turned to look at me and I realised with horror that the man with his back to me was the same man who had groped me in the lift.

'What kind of sick person would do that?'  He asked, looking at me disgustedly.

'Well with the rise in popularity of the supernatural genre because of the Twilight phenomenon I wouldn't be surprised if there was a rise in accidents like this.'  I had no idea where I was getting this, it just flowed out of my mouth without me even thinking about it.  'I mean you only have to look at the number of teenagers screaming 'bite me' to realise that it's going to do some damage.'

'Yes, well,' the man said, 'you'd know all about sex games wouldn't you.'  The insult stung, but I knew I had won.  By not challenging my theory he had proved I was right.

'Or it could be a psycho who believes vampires exist.  Either is a plausible argument.'  I turned away from the group, smiling to myself with satisfaction.  

I could be a copper, I thought.  I'd be amazing at it, I always manage to work out who killed the victim long before Poirot.

'You think you're so clever don't you,' the man said, really annoyed at me now.  'You think you can swan in here and give us advice on how to do our jobs?  And what are you?  A nobody.'

'Henry, ease off,' one of the other guys said, standing up and putting his hand on Henry's shoulder.

'No Andrew I will not ease off.  She needs to know where her place is.'  He rested his hand on the table, leaning in so close his breath was brushing at my face.  'Now listen here blondie.  I am the head of a team of detectives.  I have a whole department ready to do my bidding.  You get tea.  There is a whole world of difference between us.  Got it?'

'Perfectly,' I said, refusing to be intimidated by him.  'I might be the lowest of the low as far as job status goes,' I said as Henry turned around and walked away, 'but at least I'm not an arrogant dick.'

I picked up the remainder of my lunch and walked away, knowing he wouldn't follow me with so many people watching.

I loved the warm fuzzy feeling I had inside me as the lift doors closed behind me.  I didn't think I was going to get any more trouble from him.

The End

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