Alannah Harrison: Before CBIMature

Alannah Harrison. The blondest cop and detective in the infamous David Mendrick's CBI squad. But it wasn't always like that.
Alannah is twenty, a singer and guitarist in a failing rock band and is still living at home with her parents. How will she find her way out of this one?

'Come on Alannah, you can't just sit around here all day doing nothing.'

'I can too,' I retorted, resisting the urge to stick my tongue out at my mother as she swept past.  I'd been out of work for nearly a month now and she was starting to get annoyed at me for lounging around the house, bringing in no money and eating all the food.

'Well then you can do it somewhere else,' my mother responded firmly, 'because if you don't get off that sofa and find yourself a job then I'm kicking you out.'

'Mum that's totally unreasonable-'

'I think you'll find it isn't.  I'm sick and tired of cleaning up after you Alannah Harrison.  It's time you got a job.'

'I do have a job,' I insisted.

'Being in a band doesn't count Alannah,' my mother said, clearly unamused by this point.  'And when was the last time you played?  Your father might say you can stay here for as long as you like but don't.  Your father's pension can only pay for so much.'

'OK I'm going,' I said, jumping up off the sofa and walking into the hallway, grabbing my bag from it's place by the front door as I left.

'No car, no bike, not even a scooter,' I muttered to myself as I started walking down the street.  'This is stupid.'  I didn't really need a car or a bike to get anywhere, Mum and Dad lived in the centre of town, which was close to everything, but on a morning like this I just couldn't be bothered to walk.

I pulled out my crappy old mobile from my pocket and pressed speed dial four, holding the phone up to my ear to hear the ringing sound on the other end of the line.


'Hey Vicks, guess who?'

'Hey Al,' Vicks said cheerfully.  'What has you up at such an early hour?'

'Mum's threatening to kick me out if I don't get a job soon.  Do have anything going in your office?'

'Sorry babe.'

'Not even an office lackey?'

'We got a new coffee boy last week.  I wish I could help but there's nothing going over here.'

'That's alright,' I said, kicking at a stray pebble and missing.  'I thought I'd ask anyway, just in case.  But on a slightly more cheerful note, how are the wedding plans going?'

'Don't talk to me about it,' Vicks groaned.  'If I have to listen to Jamie's mother prattling on about what sauce we need to serve with the chicken one more time I think I am going to explode.'

I laughed at that.  Vicks and Jamie were the most perfect couple I had ever seen.  You only had to look at them to know they were meant to be together.  Vicks was beautiful and slim with model like features.  Jamie was a big guy, but not in a fat way.  He was tall and strongly built, like a rugby player, which meant he gave amazing hugs.

Jamie had proposed three months earlier and poor Vicks had immediately been attacked by his mother, a lady who wasn't scared to say what she thought.  Vicky had been told she was choosing the wrong flowers for the wrong venue at the wrong time of year and the cracks were beginning to show in her polite facade.

'I take it it's going well then.'

'It's a nightmare!'  Vicky whined.  'Why do I have to have a mother-in-law?  I can't upset her or she'll hate me for the rest of my life, but if I have to listen to her insult me one more time I think I might kill her.'

'Murder is never the answer Vicks,' I replied, trying not to enjoy her frustration too much.  'Anyway I might have to come and crash at your place if I can't find a job soon.  Mum really isn't happy.'

'Try the job centre.  Even if it's just a paper round it's a start.'

'I have no qualifications Vicky.  I didn't go to university.  Who is going to want me to work for them?'

'You never know.  If you ask the worst they can do is tell you they don't have anything suitable at the moment and then you can try again later.  It'll appease your mum at any rate.'

'I suppose,' I grumbled.  'I have to show willing.  I'll speak to you later.'

'Good luck Al.'

The End

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