"Big Sister!"


Just as all those in the windowless wood-floored and cabin-like walls room celebrated, their door swung open from the outside world. Entering before them was the boy in his white *gakuran.

Carrying over his shoulders the unconscious maiden boy the boy happily announced to all those in the room, "Meet your new Big Sis everyone!" A cheerful smile upon his face as he said it. Everyone, who were stunningly young men, froze in place. A deep utter and dead silence carried across their hideout. Sarcastically he mumblers, "Don't you all congratulate me now."

"I don't like him," the words slipped out of the young 13-year-old boy sitting upon the chair in the bedroom of the white *gakuran outlaw.

"He's cute," commented the young man with long black hair loosely tied back. His eyes shown with an obvious carefree personality. Compared, however, to the person who clung against his back like a monkey he was more cold than he was cheerful. The person who clung to him all the time was a sandy blond pointy hair boy with green eyes. His bangs, though pointy like the rest of his updo like hair, covered most of his right eye. It hid too perfectly the scar on his right eyebrow that stretched down to the corner of his right eye.

"Yeah, what's there not to like about Big Sister?" the boy who clung to the long black haired boy pouted cutely. The two wore matching outfits, a tight sleeve-less tank top and dark jeans. A simple summer labor outfit.

The three stared towards the still unconscious maiden boy, half naked and dreaming away on the bed he laid in. Suddenly...


'I just realized this is kidnap!' The boy who wore the white *gakuran had smashed his left fist against his closet door. He stood there silent with rage against himself. The maiden boy fainted--likely from shock or fear--after he'd told him he was to be his bride. Afterwards, without trying to find his family and taking him by will to a thief's hideout. What else would it be consider but kidnap?

It was inevitable to hate towards himself that he recently carried. Clenching tightly to the long headband in his right hand the boy's eyes turned almost deadly. If only a gaze could kill.

"Ah, he finally just realized it's kidnap," the three boys also in the room mutter loud enough that he head. It was meant to rub salt into his wounds. They, however, seemed indifferent to his slow realization even though it wasn't normal that he would be so slow.

"Shut-" as the boy turned around to scream at his comrade he was interrupted by an abrupt noise. A sneeze.

"-My bride!" he panicked.

"Big Sis?!"

The 13-year-old boy stood from his chair, still indifferent to the situation of the unconscious maiden boy. "Stop worrying. He's only sick, he won't die." As he began to leave the room with his cold eyes glancing away he mutters, "Even a child wouldn't overreact to such things."

"Get him under the covers."

The clinging monkey and long haired boy did as ordered and quickly moved to get the maiden boy under the thin covers of the single bed. As the other boy finished changing into a vest wrapped with a scraf that came down covering his shoulders like a cape. He'd put on longer pants that covered over the weights he wore wrapped around his shins.

Woosh! ~SLAM!~

Slamming the bedroom door open appeared a crimson red long hair young man. His muscles well complimented in the red vest and jet black tight jeans he wore. Breathing heavily as he finally reached his distanation the young man glared up into the room unfamiliar to him.

Before him stood the three boys each glaring back at him with intensity. To dare enter their domain, to rush into the room of their White Knight and to barge in so recklessly such a person was seeking death. It seemed a battle was ready to brew.

"A-*Aniki..." the maiden boy chanted in his short breaths. Over and over for the last few minutes he'd been chanting over and over for his older brother.

"Aka!" The new young man who'd recently entered noticed the sick maiden boy lying short of breath and defenseless. His crimson eyes turned wild, almost without reason. 'You'll all pay for this...'

The End

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