Akatsuki Awakening

Parody of Sleeping Beauty, mixed with certain cultures (majority Asian). A "shounen-ai" or a Boys Love genre (homo).
Akatsuki would be our "Aurora" who is actually borned a male but was for some reason said to be born a female, and the role of Magnificent who didn't know cursed Akatsuki to become male. However, before his 16th birthday Akatsuki the male will die if he is to fall in love. The spell was of course reversed to be eternal sleep until awaken by true love's first kiss.
Since Akatsuki


"Thieves! Halt in the name of the King!"

In a farway town of a lively kingdom transpired the game of Chase. A young man dressed in a white *gakuran leapt over a twenty feet talk cement wall. With his headband's long ends fluttering behidn him as he made a safe landing, the young man smirked as he left behind the royal guards that had chased after him.

"Hurry men! After the rascal!"

The barking orders of a usual all-bark-no-bite hound of the Royal Guard. Ah, how he hated men who couldn't stand up for his own words.

And the following commands of brainwashed dogs: "Sir, yes sir!"

As he himself was standing he noticed an enchanting girl before him. Her astounding sunlight braids that transparent through fluffy white clouds caught his eyes immediately. The young maiden's eyes which resonated the neon azure skies of a metero shower night took away his very breath. Then there he noticed her beckonig lushed dusk lips, soft as a rose but as delicious as the sweet nectar of life.

"Found him!" Then, through a small alleyway the young man was brought back to reality from his enchantment of the beautiful maiden before him. As he turned to notice that the small alleyway was being pushed through by the disorderly bunch of rookie guards, he panicked.

A hand grasps him suddenly and pulled him along. For a moment he almost couldn't believe the hands belonged to the maiden that had monopoloized his heart a moment ago, but when he looked up and saw her sunlight hair he knew it was her. Never before had he seen such light golden hair that resonated the shine of the golden sun itself. Still, the matter was that he could not be distracted. He must follow the maiden cautiously, for no matter how pretty a face a man must always be aware of his own safety!






They're finally gone... the young man sighed to himself when the guards rushed past the rundown shack he hid in with his maiden. Ah, the dream of any young man to have such a maiden clinging onto him so soundly. Her own hands throughs the oversize long sleeve shirt she wore clenched against his chest on the delicate cloth of his gakuran. His braced forearms pressed against her back to keep her securely safe from harm. The maiden's head against his shoulders. Everything was perfect like a

 dream, however...

"You're a man," the young man gasped softly when he pulled his maiden back a moment to look at her face once more. It wasn't possible that his eyes decieved him and brought alive the ideal image in his heart.

No, he wasn't wrong. The maiden really did look like a girl, he could pass as one so easily. Only, how was it possible? Of course he's met many pretty boys and seen many boys who easily could pass as a girl. However, that boy honestly seemed like he wasn't trying to pass as a girl.

Even though he carries around a bread basket like young maidens in the cities... Have long hair and braid them like girls... That hair, your eyes, those lustful lips... Why? Why are you a male? Silently the young man weeped to himself. He'd thought he'd met his future bride. Only the boy before him could fit the image of his future bride, with the light golden hair, the azure night blue sky eyes, and the lush dusk lips, the round face and beautiful body so compatiable to his own. No, no matter what...

"You're my bride!" he announced solemnly, looking the maiden boy in the eyes.

The End

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