A story about a girl lost in another world.

Part 1: The Academy

The rain dripped against the window as Stephany read a book.

It was a boring day and Stephany was sick from school with a cold. Stephany is fifteen years old, She's quiet and likes to read.

Stephany eventually got bored of the book she was reading and decided to go have some morning tea, her parents were at work and her brother and sisters were at school. She made toast and had some tea. “What a boring day.” she thought.

As she ate she heard something scratching from upstairs. She went upstairs, she could hear it coming from her bedroom.

She opened the door and to her surprise she saw a grey cat scratching the carpet, she was surprised. The cat just hissed and jumped out the window which was wide open.

What a mess!” she said. Her bedroom was wet from the rain and there was twigs everywhere from outside. She cleaned everything up and went back downstairs.

She was confused as what had just happened. “How can a cat open a window?” she thought.

The day went on, Stephany was getting better. She slept for the rest of the day.


Wake up, Dinner's ready!” called Stephany's mum. Stephany got up and went downstairs. She could smell a roast.

Take a seat.” said Stephany's dad. “So how was school kids?” asked mum, “Good.” They all said at once.

Stephany had three siblings they were all triplets. There was Edward, Cinda and Louise.

Louise and Cinda usually played together and Edward preferred to be by himself. They were all ten years old.

How was your day Stephany?” asked dad. “Well, it was boring a mainly slept, but something weird did happen.” “What happened?” asked dad.

I was just having some morning tea when I heard scratching upstairs and I found a grew cat in my bedroom. There was a big mess but I cleaned it up.” said Stephany

How could that happen, did you leave the window open?” asked mum.

I swear I didn't, I don't have any idea how it happened.” Stephany said.

They finished eating. Stephany was tired and wanted to get rest so she could go to school tomorrow.


That night Stephany had a strange dream. She dreamt she was lost in a dark forest and something was brushing against her feet. She woke up hearing thunder, it started to rain again.

Stephany couldn't sleep. She looked out the window and saw the grew cat down in the front garden. It looked at her and it's green eyes shined. Stephany looked away and tried to sleep.


Stephany got up early and got ready for school. Her parents were still sleeping and the triplets didn't have to go to school until later. So she caught a bus.

It was a rainy day in Melbourne. It was July so it was very cold.

Stephany didn't have many friends in school she was quiet. Her closest friends were Jackie and Maria, Maria was more like Stephany she was quiet and liked to read. Jackie liked to talk to everyone and was really friendly she always helped everyone out.

Stephany met Maria in Maths. Maria was very good at maths she always gave the answers to Stephany. “Need any help?” asked Maria.

I'm ok.” replied Stephany.

Are you OK?” asked Maria. “I'm fine, why?” asked Stephany.

You just look tired and a little worried. Are you sure there isn't anything wrong?” Maria asked.

I don't know. I just had a nightmare and I'm still a little sick.” Stephany said.

OK if there's anything else troubling you just tell me or Jackie.” Maria said.

Stephany had no more classes with Maria, she had one class with Jackie but Jackie was too busy talking to her other friends.

After school Stephany walked home by herself. When she was close to her house she heard she could her scratching and felt as though someone was following her.

She looked behind her and saw that grey cat. “What do you want..” she thought to herself. The cat had a collar. She went up to the cat, at first it hissed at her but then it smelt her hand and started smooching against her. She pet it and read it's collar.

The name Perie was engraved into it.

She left the cat and went home.

When she got home she did her homework, waited for her mum and her siblings to get home.

Her dad got home later, it was time for dinner.

We've got some exciting news.” said mum.

What?” asked Stephany.

Next week your mum and I will be changing jobs, we had a special offer.” Dad said.

What's going to happen?” Louise and Cinda asked.

Well, Stephany is going to get a place in a special academy.”

I'm What!?” Stephany was surprised and shocked.

Today was your last day at school, in two weeks you will start at the academy.” mum said.

Stephany was really shocked and didn't know what to think.

What's going to happen to Cinda, Louise and Edward?” Stephany asked.

They are going to attend one of the best schools in Melbourne.” Dad said.

But I don't wanna leave, I like my school.” Edward said sadly.

It's going to be a big change, but it's going to help us all.” Mum said.

Stephany left dinner early. She texted Jackie and Maria and told them she will not be coming back to school next week and that she is leaving.

Stephany went to sleep later without talking to her parents. Stephany didn't like change.


Stephany had another weird dream. She dreamt there was a castle in a middle of a forest. She was dressed in a fancy school uniform. She was running to the castle away from something she couldn't see what it was though.

She woke up in a surprise, there was a flash at the window and there was a pair of cat eyes looking straight at her, they disappeared in a flash.

Stephany couldn't sleep for the rest of the night, she was too scared and confused.

Stephany got up early and had a bowl of cereal for breakfast. She waited for a parents to get up because she wanted to ask her mum a few questions about the academy. she was going to.

Good morning Stephany.” Dad called. “Did you sleep well?” mum asked.

I had a nightmare.” Stephany said.

Mum, can I ask you a few questions about the academy. I'm going to?”

Sure what would you like to know?” Mum replied.

Why exactly am I going?” Stephany asked.

A very nice women called Ms Animam offered your dad and I a job. We will be earning twice as much. She also offered you a place in her academy., Akana Academy. It's a boarding school.”

A boarding school?” asked Stephany.

Yes, it's about a three hours drive outside Melbourne.”

What!? You didn't tell me this.” This made Stephany feel much worse.

Later Stephany decided to search up Akana Academy. on the Internet. When she did the search went blank. She searched something else and it worked. She tried searching Akana Academy. again, it just went blank.

This is weird,” Stephany thought.

The next week went slowly. Stephany didn't have any weird dreams. She met up with Jackie and Maria one last time to say goodbye. She told them she would be back every holidays to see them.

It was Sunday one day before Stephany went to Akana Academy., it was a slow day. Her parents were helping her pack.

Don't worry Stephany, your going to have a great time.” Dad assured her.

Stephany slept well that night, but she had another weird dream. She dreamt she was in a castle with lots of rich snobby looking children. She looked outside and saw a lush forest. Perie the cat was also there smooching against her. She started to feel like she wanted to go to the academy.


Stephany was excited the next morning. She had to get up early, around five. She went to her sister's room and said goodbye to both of them. She then went to Edward's room and said goodbye.

Mum was waiting downstairs.

All ready?” Mum asked.

Yes lets go.” Stephany said excited.

The drive was three hours. Stephany looked out the window at the Eucalyptus forests. Stephany dosed off.

Where here!” mum tried to wake Stephany up. Stephany opened her eyes and looked out the window.

They were on a dirt track, she could hear the sounds of the highway. “C'mon get out.” Mum said.

Stephany got out of the car. All around her there was a giant pine forest she could see in the distance the Eucalyptus forest. It looked like all the trees were planted by people, it felt out of place. There was a metal gate with the letters AA written in fancy font.

Ms Animam told me to drop you at the gate. Well I guess this is goodbye.”

Goodbye mum.” Stephany said.

I really do hope you have a great time, text me whenever you need to.”

They hugged and Stephany's mum drove back down the dirt road.

Stephany looked pass the metal gate. On the hill about a kilometre away she saw a building that looked like something from ancient Rome. The whole place looked familiar to her. She could see a figure in the distance walking down the hill.

Stephany sat down and waited another five minutes, “Hello dear!” Stephany jumped.

You must be Stephany. Welcome to Akana Academy!” said the strange women. She was dressed in a colourful uniform. She had a posh English accent.

Who are you?” asked Stephany. “I'm Miss Lemite your personal tutor.”

Let's go and visit the Academy, it's a ten minute walk from here. We will need to get you a uniform.”

OK.” said Stephany

They walked up gravel path. Stephany didn't really feel like talking but Miss Lemite wanted to know a lot about her.

Here we are, Akana Academy!” said Miss Lemite.

Stephany admired the beautifully carved building, it had pillars, statues, a big garden and lots of fountains.

Stephany was welcomed by a lot of teachers all dressed in colourful shirts, ties, pants.

A strange women welcomed Stephany “I hope you enjoy your stay Stephany.”

I'm Ms Animam, the principal. I run this academy.” she smiled.

Nice to meet you.” said Stephany.

Ms Animam looked the strangest out of everyone. She was wearing black gloves, a white shirt, she had a yellow rose in her pocket, she wore a purple blazer. She had a small black dress that made her bend forward. The weirdest thing about her was that her hair was dyed green but you could see grey hairs in between, she looked young but it didn't look quite right.

OK dear it's time to go get your uniform.” said Miss Lemite.

Stephany went around the many colourful rooms. There were smiling children in every room looking at her. Stephany thought this place wasn't at all normal, but for some reason she really enjoyed it. She started to get mesmerised by all the smiles and colours.

Stephany got a dress. It was stripy and multicoloured she liked it.

Here's your timetable.” Miss Lemite gave Stephany a book with all the information about the academy.

Just got to the date in that book, and it will tell you what subject you have.”

Have a nice day Stephany.” Miss Lemite smiled.

OK, first class science. Here's the room number.” She thought to herself.

It took Stephany about two minutes to find her class.

Looks like we have a new student. I'm Mr Geth.” Mr Geth welcomed Stephany into the classroom. “Welcome Stephany!” the class all said at once.

Stephany took a seat by herself. Everyone in the classroom rushed towards her to get the seat next to hear. A boy with blue her got to sit next to her first.

Hello Stephany.” he smiled at her.

Um what's your name?” Stephany asked.

I'm Diom.”

Why does everyone have such strange names at this school?” Stephany asked.

Stephany is such an ugly name. Why don't you ask your tutor for an Akana name.” Diom said.

An Akana name? Why?” Stephany asked.

Everyone needs to get an Akana name. You should have one.” Diom explained.

What's your real name?” Stephany asked suspiciously.

Diom just looked at her and didn't reply.

Stephany found the science class really fun, they learnt about chemistry and tried out lots of PRAC.

Stephany had Maths, English and History later. She enjoyed those subjects too.

Later that day Miss Lemite told her many things you will need around the academy. Stephany was going to ask about an Akana name but she thought that was a little strange.

It's time for dinner. Let's go and see the hall.” Miss Lemite said.

Stephany walked into a giant room with amazing statues everywhere.

The room was by a strange green light and there was candles on all the tables.

Miss Lemite ate with the teachers and Stephany sat at a table of students her age.

They all wanted to talk to her. But they only talked about the academy nothing else.

Stephany decided to ask everyone where they were from. They all looked puzzled, but one girl looked brave and said, “Uh, I'm from Sydney.”

Oh Sydney's a nice city. Do you like it?” Stephany asked.

Um, yes I do.” the girl replied.

What do you like about it?” Stephany asked.

Um uh, the mountains.” the girl replied quickly.

I don't remember there being any mountains in Sydney.” Stephany said.

Another boy tried to change the subject. “What do you like most about Akana?”

Hmm, I think I like the classrooms the most, they're really colourful.” Stephany said.

Stephany started to feel a little less suspicious about everyone.

They ate spaghetti bolognese.

Stephany thought it was one of the best meals she has had in her life.

There was a special announcement at the end of dinner. Ms Animam got up in front of everyone, “Good evening everyone, as you all should know we have a new student at Akana Academy. Can everyone please give a round of applause for Stephany!”

Stephany stood up and smiled, everyone clapped.

Ms Animam gave a speech and everyone sung the school song.

Later that night Miss Lemite helped find Stephany's dormitory. She led her into a white room with many doors. There were books neatly piled onto tables around the room.

This is the girl's dormitory, everyone is already asleep.” said Miss Lemite.

Where's all the beds?” asked Stephany.

Oh, everyone gets their own private room.” Miss Lemite said.

Stephany was surprised, “How big is this place?” she thought.

You're in room seventy two.”

Her room looked slightly bigger than everyone else's.

Her room very tidy compared to her own room back home. There was a cupboard with food, there was also a beautiful view outside her window. She could see the whole pine forest.

The toilets are just outside. Hope you sleep well.” Miss Lemite said.

Stephany went straight to sleep, completely forgetting to text her mum.

She slept well without any strange dreams.

But something strange did happen in the night. Stephany heard scuttling and something was running around outside. When she opened her eyes a green flashing light came on and she went back to sleep.


Next morning Stephany completely forgot what happened in the night.

She awoke when she heard knocking on her door.

Come in.” She said.

Good morning.” Two women in white came in.

Here's your uniform. Go have a shower.” one said.

Breakfast will be waiting when you get back.” the other one said.

Stephany was really starting to like it. However she still felt like things weren't right at times.

After her shower she found a delicious breakfast waiting for her in her room. She had fantastic eggs with toast.

After eating she realised that everyone was already out of their rooms and had already have had showers. She looked at the time but class still didn't start for another half hour.

She went to her first class which was Art and found everyone studying outside the classroom.

She was greeted by everyone.

Stephany had a fantastic week. She started loving the academy more and more. She became very popular, she was loving it more than home.

Home!” Stephany remembered.

She immediately got her phone, she didn't even touch it for the whole week. It was out of charge.

Stephany asked one of the teachers for a charger they replied, “Oh I'm sorry, only teachers may have phones.” she snatched the phone from Stephany.

Wait! That's mine!” Stephany shouted.

Stephany was worried, she went straight to Miss Lemite and told her what happened.

Dear, not even teachers can use phones. There's no Internet or phone service here.” Miss Lemite said.

Stephany was stressed and felt out of contact from her family. “Why don't you go and have a swim in our outdoor pool outback.” “It's always perfect weather for a swim at Akana Academy.” Miss Lemite assured her.

Stephany was given a free pair of swimmers.

She had a great time and completely forgot about her family.

She also forgot about her phone.

Stephany had another great week at Akana Academy.

She hung out with all her new friends. She thought less and less of Jackie and Maria.

On Friday afternoon it was Stephany bumped into Miss Lemite.

Hello Stephany, it's time for your first check up to see how you are going.”

Come with me.” Miss Lemite told her.

Stephany followed Miss Lemite into the sickbay. “Through here.” Miss Lemite instructed.

They walked into a white room with no windows. “Lie down on the bed.”

Miss Lemite commanded.

Stephany felt a little worried. It looked like she was in a operating room.

Miss Lemite walked out of the room and three men in white walked in.

Look into this.” One said.

He was holding some sort of white circular device. It had a screen that Stephany stared into. It started to flash green.

Stephany forgot all about her worries.

Another man asked her, “What is your least favourite thing about the academy?”

Stephany replied, “Nothing, I like the academy very much.”

Good.” the man said.

The other man said, “Miss Lemite has thought of your Akana name, she wants you to be called Kiesy. It's better than Stephany.”

Yes it is.” Stephany said with glowing eyes.

We need to ask you a few more questions.” The second man said.

What are your parents names?”

My mum is called Julia and my dad is Adam.” Stephany said.

Those are very ugly names.”

The first man got the device out and it started flashing green again.

Stephany fell asleep.


Stephany awoke with Miss Lemite. “It's dinner time Kiesy.”

What? Oh my Akana name is Kiesy. That's right.” Stephany said.

Yes dear, you should address yourself as that when you are at Akana Academy.”

Miss Lemite said in a worried voice.

You don't want to get into trouble.” Miss Lemite warned her.

Everyone around the school started calling Stephany Kiesy. She didn't like the name at first but she is getting used to it.

Stephany enjoyed her dinner. She had a tasty salad and some pizza.

Ms Animam took a seat next to Stephany.

Hello Kiesy, is everything ok?”

Yes all good.” Stephany said a little confused.

Ok, that's good. Are there any problems with the Academy?”

No every things OK, I just feel as though I am forgetting things.” Stephany replied.

I'm sure everything will be fine.” Ms Animam gave a speech later about all the good things in Akana Academy.

That night Stephany had a nightmare. She dreamt she was stuck in a room with no windows. She was strapped to a chair, she could see a green light flashing and she could hear screaming. The screams were so ear piercing Stephany felt as though the walls were shaking in the room.

Suddenly all the walls came tumbling down, Stephany found herself in a forest, she could hear a hissing sound. At her feat she saw Perie, he jumped up and scratched her face.

Stephany awoke with a fright. She couldn't sleep all night. She kept hearing a scratching and hissing from outside her room.

She just stayed in her room shaking in her bed. She tried to think of her parents but for some reason their faces were hard to picture. She tried to remember her mum's long orange hair and her dad's funny glasses. She felt traumatised when she couldn't remember her friends at all only their faces.

The only thing she could still keep hold of were her siblings. She remembered Louise and Cinda's pranks and all the trouble they got in.

She remembered all of Edward's academic awards at school.

Stephany started to cry. She could still hear the hissing and scratching, she couldn't take it any more she opened the door and ran outside. She saw a little grey thing run out of the room.

A green light came on, it hurt her eyes. Stephany ran back inside her room.

She fell on her bed thinking, “What have they done to me?”

She passed out.


Stephany woke up in the morning thinking that everything that happened was just a dream. She wasn't sure.

Good morning Kiesy.” Two women in white came into her room and gave her, her breakfast like everyday.

Stephany started feeling better again, she started forgetting all her worries.

The next week just like all the others, work, play, colours and distractions.

On Thursday Stephany started to feel a little exhausted, like something was being drained from her.

She was in a middle of Maths were she started to feel a little stressed and tired. But whenever she thought of all the fun things in the school she felt better, whenever she tried to remember home she felt really bad. All of a sudden she just new she had to leave, she just felt like running.

Excuse me sir, May I please go to the bathroom?” Stephany asked.

Yes, but be back quickly.”

Stephany walked to the door slowly, but just as she was about to leave a girl and a boy said, “Can we go with Kiesy?”

The teacher said yes and they left with Stephany.

Stephany remembered their names were Gerime and Loosinda.

Stephany tried to run past them but they somehow new where she was going.

Kiesy, the bathrooms this way silly.” The boy Gerime mocked.

Stephany started to feel a great hatred to the whole place. She felt as if she was going mad.

She sprinted to the entrance of the Academy. The doors were locked, she looked around and saw a little door in the cupboard which looked like the cleaners room.

She decided to hide until someone opened the front door.

She opened the door and found herself in a rocky cold room, there were stairs leading downwards to which looked like the basement.

Behind her she could hear Gerime and Loosinda calling her name.

She ran down the stairs and to her horror she saw around fifteen people chained up. Their clothes and skin were turning grey, their eyes were sealed shut.

Most of them were adults, just normal people. There were a few things that looked like they were once students. Their faces were gone their hair was gone. They looked as though they were made of clay.

Loosinda came down the stairs and screamed.

Only the bad children come here!” Gerime was freaking out.

What is this place? What's going on?” Stephany asked in shock.

A women who was chained up spoke, “Whose there?”

Who are you? Why are you here?” Stephany asked worried.

They told us we won't aloud to cross the fence, they told us that we had seen too much.” An older man cried out.

There were moans, Stephany started freaking out.

Why are they hear?” Stephany asked Gerime and Loosinda angrily.

They found our Academy, they saw too much. Ms Animam couldn't trust them.” Loosinda said with a worried voice.

Stephany.” Loosinda said slowly.

Don't call her that!” Gerime shouted.

Listen to me Stephany, you can't trust me or anyone. I'm not always in control of myself. Please you must leave the Academy.” Loosinda warned her.

Don't listen to her Kiesy, she's gone loony.” Gerime said angrily.

Gerime pushed Loosinda onto the cold ground. Loosinda's face started to deform, she turned grey. Her face looked as though it was made of clay. The colours on her clothes started to fade.

She made a mistake and this is what she gets!” Gerime shouted angrily.

Stephany ran up to Gerime and punched him in the face.

She ran up the stairs and out of the basement, she could hear Gerime stumbling after her, but she slammed the door shut.

Maths was over, it was the end of the day. Stephany felt really sick and didn't know what to do. She knew she couldn't anyone any more and she was scared if someone knew what had happened.

That night Stephany had an idea of making a run for it out of the Academy, but she felt as if she needed to plan first.

She decided to stay one more day.

Stephany slept having no dreams at all.


That Friday morning Stephany waited for the two women in white to bring her breakfast.

They brought some pancakes. Stephany ate a little of it and put the rest in her bag with all her other belongings.

Throughout the day Stephany tried to act normal like all the other days. But every time she had a meal she took a lot of food and didn't eat much of it.

She was storing up so she could escape the school. At dinner Ms Animam made a special announcement, “Tonight we are going to throw a big party outside. Everyone must be attend.”

This was perfect for Stephany, she will just sneak out partway through the party.

After dinner everyone ran outside, Stephany thought this was quite strange to just throw a party like this for no reason and without any notice.

Stephany was having trouble not to be seen at the party, she was the only person that everyone talked to.

Ms Animam was acting really strange at the party too, she kept staring at Stephany she looked nervous. The whole time she was on a small stage with an old mirror next her, She was wearing all black clothes, Stephany thought she looked like a witch.

Near the end of the party Ms Animam had an announcement.

I would like to welcome Kiesy to the stage.”

The crowed went silent.

Uh, I would like to welcome Kiesy to the stage.” Ms Animam said again.


Ms Animam looked around with a worried face, then you could see a little bit of anger.

Meanwhile Stephany was running in the pine forest down towards the highway, she heard the announcement from Ms Animam.

Right now Stephany felt worried, confused and lost. But to make matters worse something ran up against her leg and she tripped and fell.

There was a hiss,

Whose there?” Stephany said worried.

A grey flash zoomed past her.

Perie jumped onto her leg.

I knew you had something to do with all this!” Stephany said shocked.

Perie got up and started walking in front of Stephany, it looked back at her and meowed. Stephany started following it.

They walked for about five minutes, Stephany started to feel as if something was watching her.

Kiesy.” A voice said in a luring tone.

Whose there?” Stephany shouted.

Perie hissed.

It's Ms Animam, don't follow that stupid cat. Come back to the party, we have a surprise for you.”

Stephany started to feel as if she was being hypnotised by these words.

But she was strong and went on with Perie.

I'm not listening to you!” Stephany shouted.

Don't be so rude, you're very lucky your parents sent you to this academy. Come back to the party.” Ms Animam wined.

My parents.” Stephany thought.

You've somehow tricked my parents!” Stephany shouted angrily.

You stupid girl, do you even remember your parents names?” Ms Animam mocked.

Um, uh um.” Stephany stuttered.

You don't, do you?” “Why don't you come back to the academy and we will keep you safe.” There was a pause.

Forever.” Ms Animam said.

Perie hissed and ran, Stephany ran after him.

Oh stop running Kiesy, you won't be able to escape.” Ms Animam laughed.

Stephany's mind was racing, she could hear Ms Animam's voice all over the forest. Perie came to a halt and looked back at Stephany, they highway just passed some trees in front of them. Stephany's heart lept.

Perie pounced forward and disappeared.

What!” Stephany said surprised.

She ran forward and hit something that felt like a brick wall. It was some kind of invisible wall she thought, like a force field. She was confused on how Perie passed it.

There's no escape, you've come to attached to the academy, just stay with me and you will forget all about this.” Ms Animam pleaded.

I want to see my family again!” Stephany cried.

Do you remember how many siblings you have?” Ms Animam's voice echoed.

I, I don't.” Stephany said.

All that matters now is you staying safe at Akana Academy.” Ms Animam said.

But the academy isn't safe! I saw what you were doing to people.” Stephany blurted out.

You what?” Ms Animam said with a weak tone.

There was silence for a few seconds.

I know all those students aren't real people. There just puppets!”

There was a strong wind. There was thunder and a storm was approaching.

Listen here Kiesy! You have gone too far and I guess it's to late for the full process.” Ms Animam screamed in the wind, her voice was much more crazy and sounded like it was just apart of the storm.

There was a whoosh and a mirror appeared in front of Stephany, it was the same one Ms Animam had at the party, in the reflection Stephany saw herself. She looked extremely anorexic, her hair was white, her skin was grey and her eyes were bloodshot.

Stephany screamed.

It's just an image dear, but not for much longer.” Ms Animam said from behind her.

Stephany slowly turned around. She saw a women in a black robe that was tattered, she had no hair, she had grey skin, her face was wrinkled and stretched it looked like it was made of clay. Her legs had no muscle and barely any fat. Her arms and hands were the worse. She had absolutely no flesh, they were just bone nothing else.

Walk into the mirror dear.” Ms Animam said in a crackly voice.

It's for your own good.”

Stephany couldn't control herself, she put her hand up to the mirror and touched it, the mirror became like a gateway and her hand passed through, she quickly pulled it out and it looked like it had aged. It was all wrinkly.

What are you doing to me!” Stephany screamed.

Ms Animam cackled and pushed Stephany with her bony hands.

Stephany jumped out of the way, she tripped on a rock.

She picked the rock up with the little strength she had left and through it at the mirror. The rock didn't pass through the mirror like her hand did, it smashed it.

Shattered pieces flew everywhere.

What have you done!” Ms Animam howled.

Stephany ran back towards the invisible wall she passed through it out of Ms Animam's clutches, there was nothing left to keep her at the Academy.

Instead of falling onto the highway Stephany fell into void of darkness.

She heard Ms Animam scream, “You don't even know your real name!”

Stephany shed a tear as she fell into the darkness.

The End

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