Judgment Day

 Ajax and Cameo sauntered out of the boat, warily glancing to one another. Cameo withheld a shriek as a grim figure in his black hooded wardrobe came to there side, worldessly herding them into the line with the other unfortunate figures. He looked into the blank faces of the people, staring aimlessly forward toward the highest figure Hades on his cruel throne.

Cameo snapped his fingers a couple time before the glazed eyes of a woman standing behind him, her face youthful and clean yet drained of color and expression. Ajax shook his shoulder, giving him a warning glance.

"Creepy," whispered Cameo, shuddering, thumbing at the woman while looking all around them at the similar men and women.

"Shh," Ajax hissed, shaking his head and returning his own eyes to Hades, who seemed to meet the gaze with his frozen stare. Swallowing, Ajax too could only agree with his friend.

It took the longest time for the God of the Dead to sort through all the souls, organizing them to their own ways, to their own portals of doom, chambers of death. Ajax shifted the shield on his stiff arm, his toes cold and too feeling cold all the way to his blood. He shook off the feeling, the slight fright creeping into the back of his mind. He had to keep his eye on Elpida, keep his confidence up--there was nothing for him to loose, and anyways, he had the assistance of Zeus and the enchanted shield. He should not be the least bit anxious. Shaking his head, Ajax knew he wasn't.

"Next.....," droned the voice before him. Lost in his own thoughts, he was finally alerted by hearing his own name called in that strange, nightmarish voice.... "Ajax."

He jumped from his mind, meeting the icy glare of Hades. For a moment, Ajax was frozen solid, also melted away at the same time. Raising his chin, he stepped forward with Cameo at his back and the shield at his arm. He knew, somehow, that today was his Judgment Day.  

The End

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