Underworld Tunnels

 Ajax and Cameo coughed, slimey water clogging their throats. Shaking his wet hair out, Ajax paddled over to the shield, floating idly a top the inky black lake. Cameo followed, darkness creating an endless abyss around them. The water was icy and chilly, combining with it's strange darkness it made both men shudder.

 "AHH!" Cameo howled, his head disappearing beneath the water.

 "Cameo!" shrieked Ajax, staring at the water where Cameo had disappeared. His heart caught in his throat, no sign of his companion other than a lonely bubble lurking on the surface.

  Ajax gulped, preparing to dive under. "Gods!" he cried as Cameo appeared above the water once more, grasping to the shield and panting.

 His face contorted his fear, Cameo hurled a bony hand across the lake. It landed away in the water with a gentle  plop!  "What in Gods' name was that?" breathed Ajax.

  Cameo's face was drained of color, white as a ghost in the obscurity of the place as he shook his head. "Let's get out of here." he urged, rushing onwards to the shore with Ajax trailing behind him, glancing about worriedly.

   Ajax wrung out his wet shirt, hugging himself in the chill.   His companion murmured, his enthusiasim obviously drained from moments before, "I can't see anything in this terrible dark. Where do we go?"

  The hero picked up Zeus' shield, which had a strange glow about it. It trembled, pulling at his arm. "This way, I assume," answered Ajax quietly. Giving one another a glance, they followed the shield into the darkness, the only sounds the tap of their feet on the floor and the drip of water.

 Though he could not see anything but blackness about him, Ajax had the feeling of tight enclosure around him, bumping his head on the hard ceiling and his toe on the wall several times. 

  After what felt like hours weaving their way through the tunnels of the Underworld, Cameo whispered excitedly, "Look, there's a red light down there. We're almost out of here."


The End

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