In The Thirteenth Hour

 Ajax counted the hours as they passed, as sleep could not find him. Cameo snored deeply beside him, occasionally murmuring something in his sleep about something or another. The thirteenth hour had come when the sun rose, and Eos appeared from the forrest of the Elysian fields to where they lay beside the mirrored lake.

  "I wish that you wouldn't do this." Eos said, her eyes soft and sad as she approached them. The two men stood, though she only addressed Ajax, Cameo still yawning and stretching, wiping the sleep from his eyes. "It is dangerous and could end in your peril. It could end a fruitless quest."

  Ajax kept mannerly, "It is something that must be done. I cannot rest until it is complete  and I am once again reunited with Elpida."

  "I understand," she looked down, her lashes hiding her eyes. After a moment of silence she looked up at them. "Are you ready?"

   "Yes," Ajax nodded courageously, gribbing at his shield, the ring from Aphrodite and Hera in his pocket.

   "Cameo, hold onto the shield as well, if you wish to go." instructed Eos.

   "Of course!" grinned Cameo valiantly, taking a hold of the enchated shield along with Ajax.

   "Then it is time," she murmured, getting closer to Ajax, planting a kiss on his cheek. "Know you go with my love."  Before he could react, the scene swirled around them, the shadows darkening and dancing about them, swallowing the two men whole.

The End

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