Halls Of Olympus

  Zeus sat on the high perch of his golden throne, a lightening bolt held threateningly in one fist. Around him sat the many Gods and Goddesses, the rulers of Heaven and Earth, on their own thrones, gazing at the two men as they walked in, led by Hermes.

  He grinned at their open awe, gazing over each of them. Zeus had swore innocent Eos had asked for only Ajax to come to speak to them. Studying them intensly, he recognized the second man as Ajax's companion called Cameo, a handsome hero died young. Turning his eyes from Cameo, Zeus seriously returned to Ajax. His eyes, a cold silver grey, were strong and shadowy, his hair a mousy brown, messy atop his head. The two were certainly different-Ajax was rugged and rough in appearance, while Cameo had a look of Immortals.

   "Ajax," Zeus' voice shook the great Hall of Olympus. "Why is it that you have requested my council?"

   The human man held his head high fearlessly and continued, his voice small against the thunder of Zeus, "Great Zeus...and Gods and Goddesses of Olympus." Ajax inclined his head slightly, his eyes holding Zeus' own confidently.  "I have come here to ask a question...and something of a favor."

   "A favor?" laughed the king of Gods, brushing a ringlet of his golden hair from his face.  "What may that be? Wait...I may here the question first."

   He noticed Ajax swallow, before continuing somewhat unnerved, "I came to inquire the where-abouts of my wife."

   "Your wife?" Zeus replied incredulously. "What of her?"

    Hera, his own wife and the Goddess of Marriage, placed her smaller hand on her husband's.  "Zeus, do not be ignorant. His wife Elpida died years before his own death."

   "Yes," he snapped, agitated, flicking her hand off of his. "I am fully aware of that, Hera. It is not in your place to call me 'ignorant' when you have troubles with that yourself."  He chuckled slightly. Hera's face contorted in anger, and she stood from her throne at his side and stormed away, her heavy perfume floating to Ajax and Cameo as she blew by them. Shaking his head, Zeus returned to the humans, waving his hand "Do not mind her-continue. What is all this trouble over the wife? What could be the matter?"   

   Ajax shifted uncomfortably, furrowing his brow.  "My wife...," he said. "...has died, as Hera has said. I have...died as well...and she is not...in the Elysian Fields. Where is she?"

   He bit is lip as Zeus chuckled, "Ha! That is the most ridiculous question. Of course she is not in the Elysian Fields. She was not a hero, yes?"

 "Yes...," Ajax replied, and then insisted hurriedly, "Where is she, the U-?"

 "The Underworld." nodded Zeus.

  "The Underworld!"

    Zeus grinned, " Indeed, only the fortunate few are allowed in the Elsyian Fields. Otherwise, I believe it would be far too crowded."

   "Crowded!" cried Ajax.

    He laughed, "I am finding it funny that you are repeating the words that I say exactly!"  A few other Gods and Goddesses chuckled.

   "Is there something I can do!" declared Ajax angrily, making all turn and freeze as they glared at him.

    Zeus' grin slipped from his face, "My brother Hades does not give up souls easily-they are his own property. Our deal was that he would rule the Underworld as I would rule the Heavens and Earth. He is a cruel, cold soul himself, and does not feel pity for many."

   Ajax tightened his jaw, averting his eyes from Zeus'.  Silence filled Olypus, as he felt the Immortal's eyes burning on him.

  "That's ridiculous!" Cameo butted in. Ajax gave him a sharp look, but he continued. "Elpida is a fine soul, from what I have heard! Why must perfectly good persons be tortured in the Underworld for no apparent reason! It is not fair!"

   Zeus raised his eyebrow cockily, almost amused as he inquired, "What say do you have in this, Cameo? Why, indeed, are you here if you are to shout like a fool in my Hall?"

  "I am his friend!" he boldy replied, Ajax ran a hand over his face. "I will not him be roasted or laughed at like some joke by anyone, even the King of the Heavens! He is serious, would you listen to him and help him?"

   "Cameo!" Ajax hissed under my breath, his heart thudding in his head.

    Zeus stood from his seat, and the others did so as well. Ajax and Cameo took a few timid steps back. "I admire the courage of both of you," said the great God, his voice deep and monotonous. "I shall consider your dilema. For now, both of you will rest in Olympus for a while as we think."  He paused, his voice becoming darker, "Though beware, next time you may feel punishment for words like those again."

   Both nodded quickly, relief filling Ajax-there could be a chance of Zeus considering his offer. With a wave of his hand, Zeus opened a portal of sorts leading to quarters for the two.  

   "Thank you," began Ajax gratefully.

    Zeus impatiently nodded his head and they proceeded through the portal, and it closed behind them like a door. A gentle, sweet smelling breeze ruffled the curtains hanging from the posts which made a small trellis atop a grassy knoll. Ajax strolled to the edge of the emerald grass and looked over the edge. An ocean of pearly white clouds was below, making him dizzy at the extraordinary height.  Shaking his head, he returned beneath the trellis and lay himself out on the grass, his eyes beginning to close.

    There was a chance....a chance that the Gods may help him return Elpida. Sighing, he drifted to sleep.


The End

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