Off To See The King of Kings

  Eos smiled mildly at us, taking each of our hands. Her thumb traced over my palm, making me tremble. I stifled it, looking away from her eyes, glowing bright and wide.  She didn't seem to notice, pulling us gently back to the mirror lake in which we had slept by. The sky was wide and blue, reflecting brilliantly in the smooth pond.

   At the waters edge she stepped closer to us, her enchanting, sweet aroma like lillies and a morning breeze lingering in our noses. With her warm soft fingers she closed our eyelids just as she had opened them when we had first arrived here. "Whatever you do," she whispered, her breath brushing against my ear, making my muscles tense. "Do not open your eyes."

   She took our hands once more and led us towards the lake. I winced as I felt the icy water on my feet, expecting my body to follow. To my suprise, I continued to walk across the cold glass-like surface. I felt the urge to open my eyes, yet I remembered Eos' wary words, and forced them to stay shut. Her warm hands continued to guide us further across it steadily, step after step. Finally, my feet chilled from walking the slippery surface, they touched soft, tepid ground, blades of grass mingling through my toes. 

   "Open," Eos breathed. Slowly my eyes fluttering open, gaping in awe at the great golden gates of Olympus before us, swinging open upon their own accord. A cloudy mist rolled through, giving an air of elusiveness and mystery. Steps and steps of marble stairs lead upwards and out of sight, as if into a cloud. "This is where you will leave me, Ajax and Cameo. When Zeus finishes with you, I shall return you to the Elysian Fields. I wish you luck, and beware to use your head before you use your tongue, not only is Zeus not easily pleased, but also he is short-tempered and pride fills his heart. But if you are wise, he will judge you fairly."

   We nodded to Eos-I hoped Cameo had heard her words well. With that, she stepped off from where we were, which appeared to be a cloud than anything else, and faded into the mist.  I watched her golden hair disappear from sight, a knot of anxiety in my stomach.

   "Ajax and Cameo, Zeus and the council of the Gods await," came a voice from the steps. We turned, facing Hermes the messanger God, as he fluttered above the ground with his silver winged heels.  

   Together we gazed to one another uneasily, and followed Hermes up the pearly white steps to see the King of Kings.

The End

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