Love Is Everlasting

   " thus I died." finished Ajax, the tale of his life on the Earth in which he loved so dear came to a close. Their eyes and heads were heavy with wine as an endless expanse of sky shadowed with night blanketed the Elysian Fields, each star reflecting clear and crisp into the eery lake at which near they sat.

  Cameo smiled, looking into his greatest of friend's somber face. "This is not the end, Ajax, it is but the beginning."

   Ajax looked to the sky, shaking his head, "The beginning? Nay, you are simply too drunk."

  "Drunk may I be, yet true are my words. Eternity is a long time. I do not believe it is ending anytime soon-just wait, your life on earth was nearer to the beginning than the end, if the beginning itself."  Cameo continued.

   "You sound like the wise old fools of the village that you poked such fun at." grinned Ajax, gazing into his friend's eyes, dulled with achohol, which was stronger in the Heavens than ever on the Earth.

   "I do, don't I." smiled Cameo contently, laying out on the boulder, propping his sleepy head on his hands. "Remember this, Ajax, love is everlasting. You and Elpida are proof of this fact. With your determination, and the deep love in your heart, nothing will halt you from meeting with her again-even if it does take you an eternity. But here, at least, time doesn't matter."  His eyes dropped closed, and he muttered, his voice far away, lasping into his dreams. "Years and years.....years and years."  

   Ajax sighed, mussing thoughtfully over Cameo's words. He slid off the large boulder, leaving Cameo's snoring figure, and crouched close to the lake, so that his toes may brush the water ever so slightly. The touch sent rough ripples all through the smoothness, which stayed nearly clear even with the constant trickle of the waterfall.  The water appeared dark and endless, the depth could not be estimated, like a great abyss. It made him shiver, pulling his toes away from the unusual icy cold water. He sat down on the rocky ground, leaning against the grey, oppressive boulder while crossing his legs beneath him.

    'Love is everlasting.'  thought Ajax, closing his eyes, weighted with sleep. The image of Elpida in her wedding gown returned to him, he swore he could feel her lips pressing against his own. She whispered to him, but he could not hear her, as if he was deaf. In his chaotic dreams he called to her, hoping perhaps she would hear him.


    Slowly, Ajax peeled open his eyes, looking into an early morning dawn slashed with amazing shades of pinks and goldens, a blue hint shadowing the backdrop. Each dawn in the Elysian Fields seemed more beautiful than the last, glowing with color and radiance. It gave to him all the memories of him waking each morning to see his wife's delicate figure, dark against the brilliant rays of morning light, seated silently at her easterly facing window to watch the dawn and the sunrise. He swore she never missed one until the day of her death-she declared that it was perhaps the most beautiful sight, coloring the Earth with it's spectacular range of colors and warmth.  Easily he agreed, it added a warm blush to her pale, fragile form and a glow in her tired eyes usually hidden from all the outside world. It made her the most beautiful woman of the Heavens and the Earth, and no one could make him believe otherwise. 

   After her demise, Ajax waited for each dawn just as she had, just to feel the warmth of the emotion which it brought back. Now looking upon the spectacular show of dawn in his own death, it still made him smile, sorrow, joy, and love-everlasting love-still mingling in his soul.

   Ajax cringed as he felt his limbs, sore and cramped.  They ached terribly, a result from the awkward position in which he had lay and the terribly hard spot he had choosen to rest his head. Slowly, he unfolded himself and used the boulder next to him for support as he stood, stretching out his legs and arms, and rolling around his head for a few moments.  His head still caught in a grog, he hobbled closer to the lake, sparkling with morning sunshine, and splashed water onto his cheeks. Gasping at the chill which it contained, he lept backwards, shuddering as icy droplets traced from his face further down his neck and into his clothes.

   Behind him, Cameo groaned, beginning to wake from his heavy slumber. He gazed up at Ajax and his misty eyes brightened slightly, "Ha," he mumbled, a slight grin to his face. "I knew you weren't just a dream."

   He smiled in return, helping Cameo down from his perch. "Let us walk and find some entertainment," Cameo said. "It is all I seemed to do in this blasted place."

   "Entertainment?" Ajax asked as they began to walk in the direction of the forrests, Cameo still wobbling uneasily on his feet. He had drank far more then Ajax had, and still appeared reminded of it in the morning.

    Cameo's eyes glittered mischeivously, a look that Ajax had learned that meant he was up to no good.  "Indeed! Do you truly believe we are the only two souls in the whole Elysian Fields? Of course not! And many of them are a merry bunch, always full of mirth and entertainment, certainly when one of the Gods-or the Goddesses, especially-come to play. Did you not hear that lute song earlier? My, that was Apollo giving what he calls a concert! He always does, that show-off..."

    He yelped, stumbling backwards in suprise as Eos appeared from the woods, light playing on her golden hair. Ajax could not help jumping either, she was so soft and quiet; she seemed to frighten them on purpose.

    "Good morning, Men." she smiled. "I hope you found sleep well."

    "Thank you, Eos," Ajax replied civilly. Cameo murmured a thanks as well.

    She nodded, the smile fading from her face. Turning to Ajax only, she continued in a much more serious tone, "I have arranged that you may come to Olympus before the council of the Gods-to see if they may do anything for you."

    Ajax's heart leapt into his chest, "Oh, Heavens!" Controlling his emotion, part elation part anxiety, he calmy said,  "Thank you, Eos, I am forever in your debt."   

    "I am not sure yet about that," she smiled somewhat slyly, though her eyes were dark and grave.

   "I shall come too!" cried Cameo. "Gods, I have not seen adventure for-what, Ajax, you say, 'years and years'-for years and years, and I will provide any assistance to him as I have done before our seperation."

   Eos looked skeptically at both of them. Ajax nodded confidently, "Indeed, he will come." His confidence didn't impress her, and he didn't trust his confidence quite as well either.  'I just hope Cameo will not make a fool of himself like he has many times before, and dash my hopes of returning Elpida to me with the assistance of the most powerful of Gods. Oh, Heavens, Cameo, what will I ever do with you for the rest of an eternity!'




The End

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