Ajax walked briskly, the Elysian Fields seemed endless and lonely, yet his feet did not tire from the unnumbered steps he took. He let his thoughts overwhelm him, the scenery just blending into the backround of his mind. Longing for the the company of the ones of his heart, he felt a ghost in the Heavens, as if his soul was truly somewhere else. Yet...he did not have a body. This was his soul here...he shook his head as if to shake off the confusion which lurked about him. He continued to mindlessly climb the rolling hills, mingle through the towering trees, and treke over flat plain. 'Have patience.'  Eos' words echoed in his mind. How long must he have patience?

  The sun was high in the sky by the time Ajax paused, looking around him. Where had he come to? A valley, fertile and green surrounded him, filled with the smells of abundant life. A waterfall tumbled like a shinning silk curtain from the sheer side of a mountain, diamonds sparkling in it, reflections of golden afternoon rays. A smooth pond, clear and glistening, lay flawless before him, somewhere close by a sound of someone playing a lute. Curiously, Ajax made his way over to the edge of the lake, the riverbed stones cool on his bare feet. 

   He bent, picking a fist sized grey pebble from the ground. It was smooth like skin and lacking any blemish. Biting his lip, he tossed it across the water. The stone skipped gracefully across the water, making it all the way to the other side before leaping into the mist of the waterfall.  Ajax stared in amazement, dumbfounded. He had tried that many times as a young boy, and it had never had worked so perfectly, sinking to the bottom even before the first hop.

   "Nice toss!" called a voice from the other side, making Ajax jump and reach for his sword, only to realize he carried no sword.

   "Who-where are you!" Ajax declared uneasily, scanning the surrounding area. Unnerved, he shifted from foot to foot.

    A figure stepped out from behind him, making him whirl about to face the owner of the voice, his fists raised.  "Just as I remember you, Ajax."

    Ajax lowered his fist, his eyes lighting up, "Cameo!"

   The two men embraced, laughing. Ajax pulled back from his oldest of friend, looking into the familiar face. He furrowed his brow, looking over an ugly scar stretching from his left temple across his nose and to his cheek-the wound that had caused Cameo's demise. Hadn't Eos said she healed all of life's wounds?

    "What? What is wrong?" grinned Cameo, searching Ajax's eyes. They had grown together almost as brothers, and by Lysander's age now, perhaps younger, Ajax had gone out to battle with Cameo at his side. Together they defeated great evils, and had saved one another's necks numerous times. Until Cameo was seriously wounded in the head when Ajax was fighting another demon off of him, and death enveloped him. Ajax had been guilty for the rest of his life, taking upon him his friend's death and carrying it with him for the rest of his days.

   Ajax blinked, shaking his head, embracing his oldest of friends again, "Gods, Cameo, it has been so long!"

  "Long?" Cameo withdrew with a curious look in his eyes. "How long has it been?"

  "Years, my friend, years and years." Ajax smiled sadly. "I am-was-twice as old as I during your passing. I have-had-a wife and a son." He gazed down, memories flooding back. His voice wavered, "Years and years."

  Cameo slapped Ajax on the arm, "Lucky man, what would I have given to help you on all those adventures I missed. Nothing could have seperated us, but that terrible strike of death which took me....nevermind that though. We are together now, to start a whole new set of adventures!"

   Ajax grinned. Cameo appeared exactly the same, the same nature, the same appearance, even in death. Though, excluding the scar which marred his appearance, which still mystifyed Ajax, yet that would be a inquiry for a later time. He had always was considered the handsomer of the two, with his lush golden curls, evenly tanned face, and playful, bright eyes, never to be tamed. Many of the old ladies of their village had claimed that Cameo must be the son to the great god Apollo with his stunning, head-turning looks. It had given him quite a way with the young women-Ajax recalled how it all got to his friend's head sometimes.

  "Come, let us speak over wine. You must tell me of this wife and this son, and the journeys I missed." Cameo put his arm around Ajax's broad shoulders leading him to a large, flat boulder by the waterfall, where conviently two cups of wine sat ready. Sighing, Ajax sat beside his friend, taking a goblet in his hand, and started to weave the tale of the life he led after Cameo's departure from it.



The End

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