Of The Earth

   Ajax walked a lonely shadow in the white beams of moonlight, the quiet murmur of crickets made a melancholy nightsong. He neared a small brook, colored silver from the reflection of starlight. His reflection's eyes met him. They were his same eyes, set in a more handsome, more youthful face, yet the general bone structure was the same. He appeared the age of his son. Ajax shivered at the close resemblence, a tear dropping from his face and rippling in the stream, scattering the image. The only visible difference was their eye color, while Ajax had steel grey eyes, his son has his mother's, a warm, toasty brown.

   He stood, anger blossoming in his chest. In death, his hope was to spend the rest of the eternity with Elpida, the loss being seperated from his beloved son. Must both be ripped away from him in his demise?

   Kicking the water, Ajax marched away, thoughts buzzing angrily in his skull. But something made him pause, and pensively turn around, tip-toeing back to the stream. In the water he saw not his own reflection, but the image of his son painted in the wavering creek. It was dark with night, yet he was walking with the most determination in his eye, in his step. His sword hung at his hip and a walking stick in his hand, though the flash of a black gem caught Ajax's eye.  Never had Ajax see such a magical obejct, glowing softly from it's center, leading Lysander on his way.

  Ajax carefully sat himself in the soft, perfect sands of the riverbed, not removing his eyes from his son, watching him walk along. What was he up to? The question ate away at him as he sat frozen, watching.

   "Ajax," a soft lovely voice whispered behind him, making him pull away. The image disappeared, and he realized it was early morning, just after dawn. Time passed strangely in the Elysian Fields-he wondered how long it had been on Earth. Ajax stood slowly, his legs cramped from sitting so long, turning to the voice. Beautiful Eos' eyes met his own-still it frustrated him how these amazing eyes seemed so familiar yet he could not recall where he had seen them before.

   "Eos," he bowed his head respoectfully. "What do you wish of me?"

   "Your mind lingers much on the Earth; you are troubled." she put a gentle hand on his shoulder, sending a shudder down his spine. From her enchanting eyes, he turned away his own. Her beauty would not charm him-Elpida Ajax loved, only she he would love eternally. Though Eos' presence made the heavy troubles of his mind much lighter, and his heart feel happier.  "Is it Elpida, your wife?"

   He nodded desperatly, begging softly, "What may I do? Where is she? There is something I must do!"

   Eos' eyes became a darker, shadier color. "I am not sure what you could do. Most likely, she is caught in the Underworld. My doubt is large that Hades would let you have her, or even see her."

   "I must try, I must attempt, mustn't I?" Ajax's face brightened. He pleaded, "Help me, Eos. I shall never rest comfortable until I am with my wife. I would rather dwell in the realm of Hades with her than stay here without-,"

   "Stop!" she exclaimed, placing her soft finger over his lips, her eyes hard and anxious. Ajax paused, staring into her eyes, shuddering once more at her touch.  He closed his eyes and envisioned Elpida, gowned in her beautiful wedding dress, her eyes warm and full of love. His heart melted, and he opened his eyes, a stray tear escaping.

    Slowly she withdrew, taking a few steps back. "I shall help you as much as I can, Ajax," Eos said, her voice strong. "I don't know how much that will be....rest for now, and have patience." With that, she turned, her rosy colored skirts swirling about her. Eos appeared to walk into the golden, rising sun and disappearing into it's long, bright rays.      

The End

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