Ajax, A Tale Rewritten

Ajax was a great Greek hero, but the greatest adventure of all comes after his death...
This is the rewritten version of 'Ajax', a story which seemed quite popular in its day. I am tweeking it, adding and deleting, to make it even better. (and, *fingers crossed*, completing it!) Please read and share your thoughts!


The Elysian Fields lay in a place between the Heavens and the Earth. It was a secluded cove, far away from the world and her troubles. Only a select few dwell there - fortunate heroes worthy of such a reward dance beneath the glorious eyes of the great rulers, the Gods and Goddesses seated above in their heavenly throne, Olympus.

The sun is ever-brilliant in the day, and the moon, full and white in her radiance, in the night. The rare may live forever youthful under the Fields' fair sky, sipping Ambrosia and the finest of wines with the Immortals, Immortals themselves.

Not a heart or head is troubled in this escape; carefree as they lingered with enchanting Aphrodite, or exchanged conversation with wise Athena. Eternally they will rest in peace, putting aside their bloodied tools of war for good. Thus was the reward for the influence of their heroism.

One man fell slumber to his tortured life, and woke anew, afresh, to the wonders of a new dawn in the Elysian Fields. Yet, for this one man, this heaven was not a release, but a prison - a curse. Thus the tale of Ajax the Hero truly beings; the adventure of a lifetime after his death, where the struggle for his lover turns into a battle for his very soul.

The End

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