Ajax is born in the great golden age of the Greeks, when Gods and Goddesses sit in their thrones in Olympus and mingle with Humans and other Earthly beings. He becomes a great young warrior, known throughout Greece for heroism.
But his greatest adventure comes after his death....


   The Elysian Fields lay in a place between the Heavens and the Earth. A place hidden from all the Earth-bound troubles, where the few fortunate heros of the Greek's Golden Age dance beneath the glorious eyes of the rulers of Olympus and Earth, the Gods and Goddesses. The sun always shines brilliantly in the day, and the moon, full and white in her radiance, in the night. Where the rare may live forever youthful, sipping Ambrosia and the finest of wines with the Immortals. Where Apollo, the Lord of Music and Prophecy, may entertain them with his lute and the chorus of the Nine Muses, as they bathe in the cool, clear waters of the Elysian Fields.

  Not a heart or head was troubled in this escape, carefree as they lingered with enchanting Aphrodite, or exchanged conversation with wise Athena. For eternally they would rest in peace, laying aside their bloodied tools of war. Thus was the reward for the influence of their heroism.   


   For one man, this was not a blessing, but a curse. And the struggle for his lover turns into a battle for his very soul.

The End

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