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“Don't forget to pick up our meat from the butcher, we head out early tomorrow got it?!” Captain Briar called out from the cockpit.

Sage didn't answer right away she was to busy counting the monies that captain had given her to pick up their meat shipment. “Yea I said I would old man, lay off!” She yelled back to the captain, it had been the sixth time he had reminded her.

“Let's make a go of it Sage, and watch yer tongue for I cut it out.”

Sage smiled. The captain was full of empty threats when it came to the crew, only rough on the outside.

“Yea, yea, yea.” Sage muttered stuffing the gold coins in her pocket. The weight of them felt deliciously familiar to her. She winced at the reminder of her old life. It was bittersweet, her father was a cruel man, but in those times the world was a much more accessible place to her. Everything she wanted was at her disposal, rich fabrics, delicious foods, jewelry. In the capitol, people were respected by the amount of gold and power they attained. Here on the Jackdaw, you were earned respect. Wits, strength, agility, and even compassion bought you your respect.

Six months ago when Sage ran away from her parents, she had to pawn her jewelry and personal belongings to get by. She was naive to think that once she ran away from her fascist family, she'd instantly be rewarded with a happily ever after.

Sage had heard a rumor that the famous Jackdaw would be making a stop at Galabria for business matters. She times her escape with the said arrival of the Jackdaw. Anxiously she summoned Captain Briar He was skeptical and reluctant to let a young lady aboard a vessel filled mostly of well armed men. “I can earn my keep.” She pleaded.

This peeked the captain's interest. “How you gonna do that?”

“I- I can cook!” She lied anxious to step aboard, before a bystander recognized her Of course it was a lie, she had servants to cook for her and never required learning the trait before. Nonetheless she swayed the captain into letting her on.

“What's your weapon?!” Captain Briar demanded once she was aboard. At the time Sage thought he was kidding. “Well let's see... My charm is it?” She added with a grin. Only nobody was grinning back, in fact they were all starring at her expectantly, their faces grim and serious.

Captain cleared his throat, “Your charm is going to do little to save you, when your up against a ravenous beast now is it?.”

Sage heard the engine start up, they had just taken off, “I'm sorry?” She stifled a laugh, “I thought you just said beast old man?” She fell into a fit of giggles.

“Hey!” raised his voice to by heard over her laughter. Sage bit her lip to keep from laughing. She looked out the window, the buildings became smaller and smaller.

Sage's mouth went dry, “Please tell me your kidding?” Sage looked to the crew for guidance. They still wore their stone cold expressions.

“ Crossbow it is.” Captain injected cheerfully, heading towards the weapons room. He came back with sleek silver bow and handed it to sage, along with a supply of arrows.

“What do you want me to do with this?” Sage asked her bravado dieing down some.

  • “Well option one you can learn how to use it or option two you can be killed.” Captain said cheerfully, and the crew roared with laughter.

Sage went with option one and for the last two month's most of her free time was spent with the bow.

She had yet to master it but she was exceptional. She too it with her everywhere even on errands. She was unrecognizable as the Governor’s daughter. Her skin had bronzed from her outside adventures her hair was bleached from the sun .In public she wore a hooded jacket to obscure her face. She was walking through the galley and had almost reached the butcher when something in a nearby store window caught her attention.

The boots were a black suede on the outside and fur lined on the inside. She felt a pang of guilt as she walked out of the store with her new boots, she had spent nearly all of the monies intended for the meat. Which meant she would have to hunt for dinner or captain would threaten to tan her hide.

There was a small wooded area, in which she sat hopelessly waiting for something to scuttle by. Since they were in the city the meaty animals like deer and elk were nonexistent here. She readied her bow when she heard the distant patter of feet. The animal was small, which meant it was a harder target and smaller didn't almost mean it was easier to out cleaver.

Sage stayed perfectly still, and waited until the animal crossed her field of vision. It was the oddest color for a squirrel flamboyant gold. She wasted no time and fired her bow at the rodent, hitting it precisely in the paw, so as not to waste any meat on it's lithe body. By sundown she had gathered seven gold squirrels in her book bag. The smell was pretty vile.

She prepared the meat and served it to the crew for dinner. The meat was much more chewy than the beef she had ordered. The crew gave her suspicious glances throughout the meal, luckily the captain was dinning in his own quarters so she didn't have to feel the scrutiny of his deadly gaze.

“Sage!” She heard him beckon and he was in the dinning room instantly, looking a bit like a maniac, “Where is the lamb and beef that I paid for?!”

“Oddest thing the butcher shop closed early today.” She lied nonchalantly nibbling on the squirrel.

The captain put his forearms on the table, leaning his angry face closer. The crew went silent. All eyes were on her. “Where is the left over monies Sage?” Captain asked in an eerie calm.

Self consciously Sage crossed her feet under her chair. Captain noticed the gesture. “What's on your feet lass?”

Sage slumped in her seat, “The soles of my old shoes were-”

Captain pounded his fist on the table, “Are you wearing my money?!” He demanded.

Sage pushed her chair away and stood up to match the captain's height, “Are you eating my squirrels?!” She demanded just as loudly.

The crew acted the same way, spitting out the meat in unison, shooting her a disgusted look.

Captain's face went deathly pale. “What's wrong with you all?, it's fine meat in some parts of the world considered a delicacy...I think.” Sage retorted, picking up a squirrel leg and taking a large bite out of it.

“Spit it out!” Captain beckoned, He turned to address the rest of the crew “We were eating Golden squirrels of the capitol city they are very potent and not meant to be consumed and it's also illegal! I'm going to get some ipecac. Best to get that out of our systems before we all start hallucinating.”  

The End

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