Hi, I'm the 'narrator'. I've been telling you this story, just as it was passed down in my family, each time a new chapter was added.

'Red Eyes and Six Pence Coins' was told to me by my father, and it was something that he saw in London and his brother saw in Sunderland. 

'The Professor in the Pit' was told to my father by his father and was a story he played a role in while he a lecturing at the very university that the Professor disappeared from.

'Psalms of Hell' was written down in the back of the family Bible and handed down from my father's father's father. 

'Air in the Gap' was a folk tale told by my family over years, but now, it all makes sense, because the Thames has turned blood red.

So now you know how the connexions are made, and now you can hear the rest, what's happening...right now. 

The End

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