Air in the Gap

A cold wind blows across the moor, and the moonlight streamed down like ribbons and fell upon the streams, sinking in and becoming dim. No sounds came from heaven, nor earth, nor perdition. Everything was still. The moonlight ribbons moved across the sky shimmering and bouncing across the moor, bathing the trees in silvery light, the moon had reached the apex in the sky of its path. It was midnight. A celestial noise came from the skies, a trumpet, and the sound fell on the moor like a cloth. The Gap opened up and heaven became visible from the ground: a single being, with only one set of wings upon its back. His sword in hand and armour on his breast he walked across the moor, the silvery moonlight did not fall in his wake, and darkness trailed after him. A single church bell rung, and daybroke, the angel faded into the sunlight, but he was still on earth.


The End

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