Aimless (opening paragraph, June 2011)

This is the first paragraph of a book I'm trying to write about my travels. Does it make you want to find out more? Is there a chance this paragraph could lead to you heading to the checkout counter with this book in your hand?

As I approached the freeway interchange on foot, with a heavy duffel bag and two smaller bags dangling awkwardly from my shoulders, I found myself confronted with an important question I’d never had a reason to ponder in my previous 32 years of life: How do you make a total stranger stop their car and offer to take you a significant distance toward a specific destination 300 miles away? Especially when every driver’s first impression of you is the thick, ungroomed beard obscuring your face, as well as a long, bushy ponytail protruding from the back of your head. If I wanted to avoid becoming stranded in a small, isolated town in the middle of the Utah desert, I had to find a real quick answer to this question. And not just any answer, but the right answer.

The End

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