Part I

These events takes place before the Lagathorn Saga.
A young girl Ahila lives in a town on the continent of Lagathorn. When a sudden illness strikes her town she will have to take hard decisions and paths in her life


Some say the green shape of a pointy totem appeared in the sky.This phenomenon appeared for six nights then it faded, then death came.People got sick. It started with blisters then open wounds.Instead of healing ichor kept pouring out of the swollen skin.The incubation period took six days, and after another six the victim died.Not all got sick, only the healthy and strong were affected.When all the chosen ones were dead and buried the illness stopped like on command.Even though our people had never practiced the art of religion, such groups started to form. People started calling the plague a curse. A curse cast by the demon Henni, an ancient being from the old tales. Crops became dry as no one fed them water, a grievous shortage of bread without wheat. No sign of salvation could be found and the sick and weak faded away like a story with forgotten words.

--Ahila's story-- Part 1 

When I woke up that morning I felt a sent of decay in the room. I carefully pulled away my sheet and looked at my naked body. No blisters, no wounds. I was afraid the sickness had once again found its way to our already battered town. Beside my bed I found a piece of cloth to deaden the stench of death that had contaminated the air in my room.I pushed the door open and an even heavier smell reached my already sour nose.I walked down the hallway to reach my parent's room, walked with light steps on the wooden floor to not wake my younger brother down the hall. I pushed my parent's door open. I found my father on his knees beside the bed, holding his palms on the side of his head. He looked at me, tears running wild down his eyes.

- Why! He screamed

My mother laid next to him, all still. I dropped the piece of cloth to the ground when my mind realized what had happened. I wanted to rush to my mother's aid, shake her to life but I knew it wouldn't do any good. Mother had been weak for some time. Her illness had gotten worse when losing my older brothers to the plague. Now she was gone to. 
My mother was buried the next day. The elders feared another wave of sickness, forced us to bury her deep under the ground. My father carved her name into a blunt stone with trembling hands. In her hand we gave her the family crest in pure silver, cause gold has no one seen since the crafters died. Her burial place is well hidden in the forest outside town, were no one one will disturb her peace.

The End

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