You run around in circles, humming a bizarre noise

This'll really get them back. Ohyes. No-one can stand up to...THE HUMMING.

...Wait. They're laughing even more now. This isn't having the right effect at all. How could they possibly be standing up to THE HUMMING?

Oh, well, you may as well continue. Except you're getting a bit dizzy now, and you're beginning to run out of oxygen from all the humming. What's that big white thing coming towards you all of a sudden?

Oh. It's the wall. And that tiled thing you're now looking at it is the ceiling. You've fallen over backwards, and those imbeciles over there are still laughing. Still, it sounds like it's hurting now, which is something.

People have been known to die from laughing, you know. Maybe you should get up and help them?

The End

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