Enough! You decide to go back to your cubicle and maybe check on some latest stories in Protagonize.

All right, you've had enough. So what if somebody has left you a weird voice-message? So what if somebody tapped you on the back causing you to spill coffee on your pants? So what if Bill and Rita are laughing at you? You need to get back to work - continue whatever you were doing. Just ignore those crazy pranksters.

You get back to your cubicle. Okay, what next? The other day Sanjay was telling you about this protagonize site. "Dude, it's so cool! Someone writes a piece of story with different possible branches and someone else continues it. You should check it out!"

You've got some time to kill. That report your boss asked can wait a little bit. Here it goes.. www.protagonize.com. Bingo! One of the top stories is.. "Ah, Cubicle Life!" Hmm.. sounds interesting!

"Beautiful, small, dark puke green carpeted, 8x8 square box.." sounds so like yours, doesn't it?

"Time consuming worthless voice-mail messages" - Damn right, they are!

"Mysterious message.." - It almost sounds like they are talking about you, doesn't it?

"Hey, wait a goddamn minute! THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT ME!!!"

Holy cow!  Hmm... This is getting serious. It sounds like someone is watching your every step.

And who are Terran_Nytefyer, WillTurner and all these others anyway? And how did they know what you're doing, and what you will be doing next?

"Hey, you've got something to do with this, don't you?"

What, me? Like I said, I'm just that little voice in your head. Anyway, you now notice something you missed before - A tiny little object that looks like a camera on the ceiling, facing your cubicle.

The End

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