Attempt to think up a really creative excuse

"Uh... Hi Harold..."

You stammer for a second in an attempt to stall for time.  Finally an brilliant thought pops into your head.

"I've been meaning to call you for quite some time!  I'm sorry I haven't answed any of your questionnaires yet, but apparently my computer contracted some AWFUL virus that lodges itself into anything I write and multiplies within documents, so anything I send people is saturated with little bugs.  I didn't think you'd want to risk infection so I've held off on responding to any of your emails.  I hope it's not too much of a problem."

Harold scrutinizes you and wipes his mouth on his sleeve.  He gives a throaty cough and a nasty sneeze, remeniscent of those on the mysterious message, and begins to tell you off.

The End

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