You go to the coffee machine. No mysterious people hang around coffee machines

..Or so you think.

Anyway, you decide to go to the coffee machine. Mysterious people or not, you sure could use some caffeine now, don't you?

You take out a bag of coffee powder and make a fresh pot. You turn around both sides cautiously to see if any mysterious people are around. Aah.. fresh steaming coffee. You pour yourself a nice hot cup.

"Hey, how's it going?" someone shouts from behind and pats your back, and .. oops! What have you done? You've dropped the coffee cup and spilled it on your pants. Wonderful! Butter fingers!

"It wasn't my fault! He startled me!"

You turn around to see the back of the "Hey" guy who has walked past without waiting for your response. Who is he?

"How would I know? I didn't get a good look at him!"

Well, you work (or whatever it is that you do) here, don't you? Maybe he is the “mysterious” person. He just made you spill coffee on yourself and is probably having a good laugh about it.

"Shut up!"

Hey, don't blame me! I'm only the little voice in your head! Anyway, you need to wash the coffee stain off your pants.

You go to the washroom, splash water and rub it, but the stain doesn’t go away. Now you’ve made a bigger mess. Mark from Marketing comes into the washroom, gives a quizzical look at you and the brownish blob on your pants and walks off. You come out, not sure what to do next.


Now, who was that? Bill and Rita standing by the water cooler and enjoying a joke.  They see you and the laughter stops. You hint a little smirk on Bill’s face. That prick!

Could they have been talking about you? Laughing at you? Hmm?

The End

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