You head to Facebook. Pretty much a dead end!

You quickly enter "" in your address bar and hit enter.  The server appears to be slower than usual so you drum on your desk as you wait for the site to load. 

Finally the site is fully loaded and you enter your login information.  You ponder telling the site to keep you logged in.

"No, that would be bad."  You think.  "What if Simon from accounting would come by to use your computer, like he often does when his Windows Vista is bugging him, and he goes to facebook and sees all the messages that have been circulating about him?"

Your home page notifies you that you have a new friend request from a girl named Ashley.  You sit there for a minute and wonder if you actually know her.  She doesn't look familiar, but you often drink a bit too much on Friday nights and forget a lot of people and places.  Then you notice she sent you a message too.  You go ahead and read it.

"Hey, I wasn't sure if you're the guy I remember from last week.  I think you were the guy who tried driving me home from some club downtown.  If you are, I may have left a lipstick and mascara on your back seat.  Let me know if you have them and I'll come pick them up from you."

You think back to last Friday night and wonder if that could have possibly been you.  You did go drinking downtown, but would you have tried to drive someone else home while intoxicated?  It seems pretty unlikely, but you judgement does become impared when you drink. 

Curious, you decide to take a break and go check the back seat of your car.  Sure enough, wedged between the middle and passenger-side seats are presumably her cosmetics.  The lipstick is a cherry-red (not your usual type) and barely used.  The mascara is waterproof and onyx black.  You put them in your pocket and return to your desk, unsure of what to do.

You decide to check her profile and see what she's like without your beer goggles on.  Maybe she's worth pursuing?  You go to her page and see that she's a lawyer from across town.  She's a few years younger than you and attractive in a wholesome way. 

The End

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